Ray Ring's West

A farmer's wilderness deal
Loggers and motorheads get their cut in Montana Sen. Tester's bill.
Battle for justice in Libby might collapse quietly
And green groups barely notice.
California voters OK reform of primary system
'Top two' ballot measure may reduce power of hardliners in each party.
Enviro infighting on forest deal
2 more greens sound off against Beaverhead-Deerlodge Partnership.
Enviros suffer first major setback in Obama era
And this battle -- over a huge public-lands law -- reveals shifts in Western politics.
Sage grouse robot video!
It gives the bird's-eye view of eccentric scientists as well.
Idaho-style reality TV
It would include a bumpersticker that says "Potatoes Suck."
More on forest power plays
Another critical enviro, a timber analyst and a radio show weigh in.
Some Mormons baptized Obama's dead mother
The church doesn't condone it.
Montana wrestles nation's boldest gun-rights bill
And a few Republicans provide the key opposition to it.
New grazing technology might save streams
Cattle drink with less impact.
Newsitos for 3/23/09
Links to a leading Western Repub, a YouTube energy czar, a nuke map and a lone wolverine.
Newsitos for 3/26/09
Green champagne, eagle bust, backroom Mormon politics, and latest killer bees.
Newsitos for 3/28/09
Bleeding wolf package, inferior salmon, Obama vs Indian health, and Sen. Reid vs polygamy.
No conspiracy in Libby, despite hundreds of deaths
That's what the jury says.
Obama does Montana ... and vice versa
A personal view of the scenes.
Obama enviros
A list of influential environmentalists who are in -- or very close to -- the Obama administration.
Obama enviros now total 34
Harris Sherman, nominated as Forest Service's boss, is latest sign of green politics.
Some 'stimulus' may be bad for environment
For instance, billions for new roads = more drivers spewing out emissions.
Obama's Forest Service nominee is a surprise
Mississipian to run Western empire?
Idaho's Republican dairy farmers embrace socialism
They're in a national movement to guarantee profits on milk.
How the rightwingers hold Interior hostages
Utah's Sen. Bennett caught in bind.
West's ATV carnage, part 2
Latest deaths include a 10-year-old boy, a 16-year-old girl and a deputy.
Newsitos for 3/20/09
Links to stories about birds, the Omni, a top ecologist and guns.
Understanding an oil group
The Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States isn't as reasonable as it appears.
Ex-congressman dies in Utah ATV crash
It's more evidence that off-road driving is dangerous fun.
Was our last wild jaguar euthanized by mistake?
Macho B might not have had kidney disease, says a pathologist.
Watch falcons nesting high in downtown Boise
Peregrines star in live webvideo.
Western Repubs remain split as Omni wilderness deals pass
And even as the Big Greens cheer, a few Greens criticize it.
Western states flex various Congressional muscles
Some look wimpy but might not be.

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