Will gun control do more harm than good?


As Americans grapple with the best way to stem the tide of mass shootings that have terrorized the country in recent years, one liberal journalist and author is arguing that adding gun control laws could actually do more harm than good in the effort to make Americans safer.

In his recent book “Gun Guys: A Road Trip,” the self-described “liberal gun nut” Dan Baum argues that future shootings won’t be prevented by banning certain guns or shrinking ammunition magazines, but instead by partnering with responsible gun owners to promote a culture of safety.

Baum lays out his argument in the current issue of High Country News. For the latest edition of Sounds of the High Country, KDNK’s collaboration with the magazine, Nelson Harvey spoke to Baum about why guns are a symbol in the culture wars, what shooting sport enthusiasts have to worry about besides gun control, and how gun culture could be changed from the inside out.

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