A Just West

'A Just West' blog for the Green Justice section.
A Culture of Failure
Communities succeed where regulators fail
A just transition to a clean energy future off coal can happen
The real question is how fast and how just?
A model for community environmental participation
Applying "informed consent" to government decision-making
A new article of faith: don't make the poor balance the budget
Eliminating the Earned Income Tax Credit only penalizes the poor
A renter's market?
It's not easy being green (in a rental).
A slice of life for the average EJ organizer
How an activist spends his time
A tale of two cities
Does justice differ city to city?
A tiny energy revolution
Energy innovators plant roots in communities
A just solution for horses
America's Great Outdoors Diversity Initiative
The new plan may be missing a key component.
An atlas of equity
Mapping project charts proximity to environmental amenities
Obama admin speaks on diversifying the NPS
Is $15 too high a price for National Park access?
Arizona on the edge of a precipice
Election results prove disheartening
At what price aesthetics?
Trains, planes, and justice
Biomass energy production in the Interior West
Politicians’ push development; citizens and economists are not so sure
Black Mesa mine mess
Protecting clean water on Navajo land
Buying "green" in the rural West
Who can afford to clean with green?
Cadmium's presence in inexpensive jewelry can be dangerous
Metal additive deserves some scrutiny
California’s tribal harvesting imbroglio
When conservation clashes with indigenous culture
Cobell, settled at last
Government finally accounts for Indian money mismanagement
Drill the parks
Colorado parks look to oil and gas for funding
EJ activist Ed Abbey?
Justice advocate or not, he's still a great read
EJ for Earth Day
It's also a day to think about those who are fighting environmental injustice.
EPA, Black Caucus announce environmental justice tour
Lisa Jackson and Barbara Lee to visit ravaged communities.
Environmental harmony
Environmental justice in the conservation movement
Environmental justice: A vision for change
Adding people and the economy to the ‘environment’ conversation.
Environmentalism's communications problem
Greens need to speak more about jobs
Ethical metalsmiths
Of pawnshops and gold recycling in hard economic times
Extracting the West
Megaloads, mining, and more
Extreme weather makes us pay attention to climate
But some will have trouble adapting
First nations continue tar sands pushback
Tribes gain support as tar sands momentum slows
Fish and Wildlife Service denies an Indian her feathers
Winnemem Wintu case illustrates system's flaws
Freedom Ride West
Why do so few African-Americans travel to national parks of the West today?
Freedom Ride West: Toxic Reality
EJ advocate Hilton Kelley delivered a message of urban renewal at Telluride Mountain Film
From science to action in environmental justice
EPA continues to study stressors, but communities say they're "studied to death"
Go play outside
Access to green space keeps kids healthy
Good news and bad news for New Mexico’s Navajo communities
Uranium mining goes forward, coal plant slows down.
Grand Canyon uranium threatens tribal water
Canyon guardians seek protection from mining contamination
Growth, economics and justice
More versus better
Gulf tragedy highlights need for Native renewables
Tribes can point the way to a new energy economy.
Hope for a cleaner energy future
Activist examines past accomplishments and work to come
How better science could help solve environmental justice problems
Cumulative impacts are the not-so-new "Big Thing"
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Industry boosts pro-fracking PR
Denial of risks is an environmental injustice
Jobs vs. the environment?
A solar panel factory in Phoenix seems like (mostly) good news.
Journo conference highlights Native American issues
A Western issue worth covering
Environmental justice, one neighborhood at a time
Community initiatives often accomplish more than lofty international accords.
Killer compost
A new worry for manure-users: pesticide residues
Location, location, location
Power plant siting matters to Colorado communities.
Loving an (artificial) lake
Ruminations on desert water and outdoor access
"Messy and unstructured, relentless and global"
Creative lawyering for environmental justice
Mining in the modern West
Are the benefits worth the costs?
National Parks for the Whole Nation
Who accesses our national treasures?
New Urbanism irks even green Westerners
Many of us still long for wide open spaces
News of a parched West continues to flow
And the Colorado continues to dry
No place for hate
The West has its share of anti-gay groups
Not in my backyard?
Uranium skepticism could be warranted in Colorado
Not so simple living
Reflecting on 30 years of progress and lack thereof
Open space justice
Often those deprived of park experiences are most in need of them.
Paving over an ancient burial ground
Native Americans at California's Glen Cove fight for preservation
Pondering palm oil
A ubiquitous ingredient is tied to forest degradation in tropical countries
Radioactive Justice
What's safe, and how do we know?
Reflecting on nuclear crises doesn't leave clear answers
It sometimes seems we can't live without uranium
Representatives ask Obama to examine impacts of tar sands pipeline
Climate, land, tribal impacts key concerns
Rising gas prices hurt poor most of all
A real energy solution includes all
Saying "yes" to climate justice
We must all be more inclusive and more determined in our work to stabilize the climate.
A new standard for tribal and U.S. relations
Will Obama's lip service lead to real changes for treatment of tribes?
Small Nevada tribe sues BLM over coal ash landfill
Ignoring health impacts is a "subtle form of racism"
Snoop Dogg Called To Wild
Can the power of celebrity bring more people of color into the National Parks?
Sovereignty versus stewardship
New bill would reduce taxes and regulation on tribal energy projects.
Special Treatment for Ag
California law exempts farmers and ranchers from California ESA penalties
Tackling environmental justice on the Front Range
The Colorado Urban Project addresses pollution issues facing city dwellers.
Taking action on hunger
Food security in the West
The age of loudness
Is silence needed for human and ecological health?
The end of the Mojave coal-fired power plant
Coal's toxic legacy falls with deafening thud
The fracking fracas
Will Congress protect our right to clean water?
The Front Line of Climate Justice
New Mexico moves to lead the nation in capping greenhouse gas emissions
The mixed blessings of extra water
More H2O may also mean more people in Payson, Ariz.
The price of green
Are VOC-free products worth the steep price tag?
The price of "green" home improvement
Efficient construction may become more affordable even for the poor
The State of the Union and the environment
Speech will focus on jobs, but citizens can focus on planet
The U.N. comes West
U.S. considers U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
This Saturday, Prayers for the Peaks
But legal rules don't favor the sacred
Toxic legacy for tribes
Uranium mining's harm belies the promise of nuclear energy
Transportation policy's third rails
It's time for a better transit debate.
Tree equity
Does a lack of tree wealth affect financial wealth and human health?
Tribes: The Overlooked U.S. Climate Delegate
First Peoples not included in America's representatives
U.N. human rights expert visits California tribe
Visitor examines tribal access to clean water
Is the San Joaquin Valley getting its fair share of stimulus cash?
Using Japan to discuss energy at home
A Phoenix resident muses on nuclear and renewables
Water thieves or water saviors?
Tribal water settlements usually take water from Indian nations.
Water use: something we Arizonans can control
Desert-dwellers should take the opportunity to save water
Welcome to Shingle Mountain, Colorado
Local recycling effort has neighbors concerned about their health and the environment
What a week for wind
Living next to a wind farm's no breeze.
What's old is new again
Gold price surge raises economic versus environment question
When Shelton met Oprah
High-profile talk show hosts hypes camping in Yosemite.
Where should green planning efforts come from?
How grassroots should sustainable neighborhood planning be?
Why don't we teach environmental justice in the rural West?
EJ is a key part of resource extraction, yet often ignored
Wild Lands, bureaucracy and the BLM
It's hard to tell what will happen with new policy