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10 years post September 11: Keeping America free and open
A vacation to Canada raises questions about our nation, a decade later
15 years of Mexican gray wolves: celebrate or sob?
Mexican wolves are facing a genetic crisis that threatens their long-term survival
350 Miles Through Utah: A Pilgrimage for Hope
Utahns walk for climate change
Wolverine F3, carrying a new GPS collar, heads into the Absarokas in March 2010
When a step aside was 'a godsend'
On Ted Kennedy and Indian health care.
A bear's gotta eat
But what and where it eats matter
A fast year
Lessons from the Indian Health System
A future of jellyfish?
Wild ocean fish are disappearing -- and it's hard to find reliable information about what we should eat.
A Great Aridity
William deBuys' new book looks at drought and the American Southwest
A Halloween Horror
American Indian Halloween costumes scare a new Indian father.
A journey through the "Era of Contraction"
Western roadtripping through changing rural economies
A loss to our heritage
Don Garate will be missed
A Moment of Opportunity for Counties with Public Lands
New act could affect employment and public land management
A monumental proposal
In Colorado's Browns Canyon, where wilderness status has failed, will monument status succeed?
A new chapter in Klamath River Water Wars
The focus shifts to water management in two key tributaries
A new twist in an old contention
Concerns about "exporting water"
A new vision for public lands
Maybe it's time to rethink the purpose and scope of our federal lands.
A promise kept
Congress and President deliver on improvements to Indian health system
A roller-coaster decade
Drought, wildfire, booms, busts -- it's been a wild 10 years.
A second century of greatness
Part 1: Minorities and the future of national parks
How can we sustainably fund our national parks?
A second century of greatness: Part 2
A stand against racing in Colorado National Monument
Commercial races are not what national parks and monuments are about
A tale of three women conservationists
Remembering those who worked for Joshua Tree, on its anniversary
A tale of two maulings
Hot pepper, not hot lead, may be a hunter’s best choice for grizzly defense
A tale of two rivers
Yosemite tries to balance preservation and public desire
Rants from the Hill: A thousand-mile walk to home
365 days of foot travel in the high desert
A toxic cocktail runs through it
Yakama Nation won't ignore Willamette River's Superfund toxics that stream into Lower Columbia
A water economist's hot links
David Zetland speed blogs Western water
A Western Town, Contaminated
Notes from a Montana town soaked in mining poisons
Indians await health care funding
Congressional budget wranglings leave Indian Health Services without money
Aging mining law handcuffs the American West
Tucson, Ariz., is joining the list of western cities getting shafted by the out-of-date 1872 General Mining Law.
Agriculture by the numbers
USDA’s Census of Agriculture provides key data and insights
Air quality and energy development
Critics worry about water, but air pollution from oil and gas can also be significant
Alaska wildlife woes raise red flags "outside"
Fish and Game scandal demonstrates growing influence of cronyism and big money in American wildlife policy
All Science is Political
The public, scientists, and land managers need to discuss the political aspects of science.
American Indians suffer from high gas prices
Remoteness of many reservations leads to a reliance on fossil fuels
An anti-wilderness knee jerk
Opponents attack Salazar’s decision to consider the values of wild public land
An idea of Eden
Wildfires lead to musings on the landscapes we grow up loving and those we learn to love.
Reader Photo: Angel Peak
Angel Peak in sepia-tone antique photo style
Another angle on wolves
How wolves improve the water supply
Another Tesoro Flare-Up
One more black mark for a black hat oil company.
Another try for wilderness
BLM supports designation for Browns Canyon in Colorado
Another way to see immigration
It's part of a bigger picture with a long story
Antibacterial soaps in the backcountry
Safeguard or ineffective and possibly dangerous?
Archives and legal precedents
How they are used makes all the difference
Are Indians and Westerners halfway to a lost decade?
We live in a subsidized region and need government help
Are You Strong? Remembering Randy Udall
Searchers found the body of the environmentalist, energy expert and outdoorsman in Wyoming on Wednesday.
Rants from the Hill: Arid lands bibliopedestrianism
A modest defense of reading while walking.
Arizona shooting poses another threat to democracy
Public officials may get even more isolated
Arizona the trendsetter?
Utah passes immigration law
Arizona turns 100
Park reopenings and mining bans give residents a few environmental victories to celebrate
Arizona, unpredictable as always
The only thing dependable about the state's politics is their lack of dependability
Artificial Flooding May Help Grand Canyon
Mimicking historic floods could help rebuild an ecosystem harmed by the dam
At Drake's Bay, real heroes have long term vision
At Pt. Reyes, National Park Service is challenged to protect America's natural treasures.
Attracting attention
Salida and other tourist towns shell out for the big bike race
Back at the Table, Again
Washington State reevaluates its logging regulations to prioritize forest preservation, but many challenges lie ahead.
Back to the future: Public Health hospitals
Time to look back at effective government health programs.
Being "green" doesn't make you a radical
Political rhetoric painting environmentalists as extreme amounts to a "green scare"
Beyond Boardman
How we replace coal plants is as important as when they close.
Big Ag sells to Big Urban
Finding the right price for water trading
Big Ag wins big in California
Water legislation could pave the way for future water grabs
Big Horn Betrayal
A 204-point ram, an undercover agent and Montana's Fish, Wildlife and Parks department.
Billion dollar baby: Why the Flaming Gorge pipeline is bad for the West
Million's pipeline project is not a solution
Birdwatching in the desert
Almost everything that occurs in the desert is ignored. All of it sizzles with meaning.
BLM issues final EIS for Over the River
Fabric panels could go up in 2014
BLM Wild Lands policy deserves praise
Why should hunters and anglers care about Ken Salazar's new plan?
How the BLM's communication style can backfire
Managers and the media can create controversy over public land where there shouldn't be.
Ray Ring's "Affirmative actions"
Color and Class Bias in the Environmental Movement
Booms, Busts, and B.S.
Politicians pass the buck, and life in Western Colorado goes on.
Boy Scout habitat takes a hit in Idaho
The Idaho Panhandle National Forest is in retreat over its longstanding support for the Mallard-Larkin Wilderness
Breaching the Elwha dams: A time lapse video
What it looks like to free a salmon river after a century
Butte Pacific
On Superfund and the ranching life.
California's Carbon Game
In the world of cap-and-trade and carbon offsets California is leading the way...but to where?
Calling all citizen scientists
Getting out in the service of science builds connections to the land
Can a border wall ever truly be removed?
Even when border walls disappear, they leave a legacy of wildlife disruption and habitat fragmentation.
Can politicians overcome bias?
The real numbers on ag jobs and water
Caveat emptor with eco-labels
Ethical consumers find it hard to trust certification programs
Celebrating Martin Luther King Day
No festivals in the boondocks
Center for Biological Diversity shows the way
Forest Partnerships which honor bedrock laws and public trusts are possible
Changing the way renewables are funded
One idea: rob from the rich (subsidized fossil fuels) and give to the poor (renewables)
Cheers to land trusts
Another form of "public" conserved land to be grateful for
Churches use punk culture to reach Montana teens
Boxing clubs, tattooed ministers and throbbing beats promote religion in Missoula
Clean coal still mostly a dream
Will Wyoming and Montana ever be able to cash in on a "clean coal" reality?
Clearcutting and climate change
The Center for Biological Diversity challenges California’s largest timber company.
Climate change's threat to the wolverine
The ESA can't do much anyway
Climate debate hearkens back to days of the bison
Scientists' warnings, greedy special interests, a confused public: The climate change fight reflects efforts to save the bison 100 years ago
Climate Friendly National Parks
Reducing driving in sprawling National Parks
Climate Models Suggest Tough Future for Wolverines
Researchers have different theories on effects
Colin Peterson, the 2012 Farm Bill and the environment
Powerful Congressman excludes enviros from initial hearings
Collaborative brings good news to Clearwater Country
Can a plan for the future of Idaho's Clearwater National Forest survive Washington D.C.?
Colorado Democrats shouldn't celebrate too much
Republicans actually did pretty well in the state's midterm election
Colorado may extend bear season
Spring hunting might be restored
Colorado ski industry wary of wolverine
Memories of lynx battles and Vail fires remain
Colorado's bizarre primary
U.N. plots, plagiarism and a third-party spoiler
Coming home?
The social and environmental implications of adventure
Community Forestry, or Not?
"Social Licenses" let foresters do what they used to do, but will that work?
Confronting scofflaws
What do you do when dirt bikes appear where they shouldn't?
Congress quickly fixes the wrong problem
Airport delays take priority over Indian health and education
Conscience and the constitution
Colorado sheriff says he might arrest forest rangers
When Consensus Doesn't Mean Consensus
BYU scientists rebuke Utah lawmakers for paying too much heed to climate deniers.