Public Record: Cliven Bundy

Court and federal documents chronicle a long history of grazing battles.


Editor's note: The list of documents has been updated to reflect the charges brought against Nevada rancher and scofflaw Cliven Bundy on Feb. 9, 2016, related to the 2014 standoff.

Below are several court and federal documents related to the long history of grazing battles between Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy and the United States government. Click on the title of any document to download a PDF. For more information, read "The revolt that wouldn't die."

Patricia Behr
Patricia Behr
May 06, 2014 04:41 PM
Come on Bundy. Pay your taxes just like the rest of us do. You really owe rent. That's our land you've been using.
Rhonda M Johnson
Rhonda M Johnson Subscriber
May 06, 2014 05:11 PM
I'll add to Patricia's comment...Bundy should be paying for the land leases he's refused to pay for, leases on land that is the Public's land, not just Nevada local ranchers. As a member of that Public, I think that the original intent of managing the remote western lands through animal husbandry was right-hearted but wrong thinking. Back then we had little idea of the impact of overgrazing on the grassland ecosystems.
So to have somebody, in the name of preserving a fading lifestyle, abuse that land AND not pay the freight, I sincerely hope that We The People, see that Bundy and those like him, GET THEIRS...
I say this as one who has supported collaborative ranching initiatives such as the The Diablo Trust. I don't always agree with them, but I respect that they are in a continuing collaborative undertaking.
Bundy needs, fining, and time in a correctional institution...he's a scofflaw, and an unrepentent one at that. Book him, Dan-o !
Tim Baker
Tim Baker
May 06, 2014 07:30 PM
Minor typo in the dates I think -- you have an Appeal of a 1998 decision being decided in 1995. Absent a time machine, which would be a bigger headline I think, that seems unlikely.
Gary Schweitzer
Gary Schweitzer
May 07, 2014 04:09 AM
A judge in this case should have issued an arrest warrant for Cliven Bundy a long time ago. A few days in jail would have disabused him of any notion that the land he trespasses on does not belong to the people of this nation. And there is apparently no arrest warrant yet!Where would the average citizen be had he scoffed at the IRS and refused to pay federal income tax he rightfully owed? It's ridiculous that this case has not been resolved after all these years.
Chilidawg Barker
Chilidawg Barker
May 07, 2014 08:26 AM
A couple of clarifications are in order here.

Bundy does not owe taxes (well, he might, but that would have nothing to do with this situation). Nor does he owe grazing fees. The BLM canceled his grazing permit in 1994. He owes court ordered fines imposed upon him at the rate of $200 per day since 1998.

The issue is not about him paying his fees or fines. The issue is about him removing his cattle from the BLM lands.

I am willing to bet that the BLZm would be willing to void the fines if he were to remove his cattle.

The problem is that Bundy is a sovereign citizen nut case.

The sad reality is that he will wind up in jail and his cattle will be rounded up and sold.

His rancher days are over forever.
Chilidawg Barker
Chilidawg Barker
May 07, 2014 08:28 AM
As evidence that Bundy is a nutcase, read his two line response from 2011 and tell me what that word salad means.
Doug Smith
Doug Smith Subscriber
May 07, 2014 10:13 AM
Bundy is backwoods, off the grid Mormon nut case and his gathering of dead enders, "freedom loving," militia morons, and assorted dregs of society are what's wrong with America. They all make me sick to my stomach.
Robert Coleman
Robert Coleman
May 07, 2014 03:54 PM
Interesting that Bundy would taken on race and welfare, given the irony of his position. I generally don't categorize folks based on single actions, but Bundy has an unfortunate legacy of disregard to to law of the land. I agree that his case is just a matter of time. His supporters will get tired and have to go home eventually, at which point the inevitability of his incarceration and the impoundment of his cattle will become clear to him. My concern is that his pariah status will be considered a cultural martyrdom by like-minded individuals, leading to the birth of another mouthpiece willing to take up the cause. Unfortunately this is not going to go away either; the fundamental issue here is not nationalism, despite the waiving of the US flag by Bundy supporters. We're back to civil-war style state's rights, and last time I checked, backwoods folk in the south haven't stopped flying the confederate flag.

As a side note: Doug, I wish you could have abstained from your lumping Mormons in with Bundy-types. Faithful adherents to true LDS doctrine would not find themselves in Bundy's position. See LDS doctrine (12th article of faith) stating: "We believe in being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in obeying, honoring, and sustaining the law." I am an eastern transplant into the intermountain west, and a convert to the LDS faith. Let us not confuse aptly identified "scofflaws" who are indeed inane, backwoods folk with a group of good people doing the best they can by their family, community, AND country like myself and most of my LDS neighbors. As it turns out, there are crazies everywhere.

Dale Lockwood
Dale Lockwood Subscriber
May 08, 2014 08:34 PM
This should of been settled long ago when Bundy was in violations.
Pay the fine or do the time you prolonged criminal.
Adam Neff
Adam Neff
May 19, 2014 12:59 PM
Wait, they were going to allow him to pick up with cattle after they rounded them up? No, they should round them up and sell them to cover the penalties and fees from his actions.
Ray Ring
Ray Ring
Jul 07, 2014 11:20 AM
Federal protections for tortoise habitat began toughening in 1993, with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's proposed designation of critical habitat --
 -- and 1994, when the agency finalized the critical habitat -- -- clearly the trigger for Bundy's overreaction -- for more info, here's the Service's web page for tortoise documents --[…]/speciesProfile.action?spcode=C04L -- Ray Ring, HCN senior editor
Bill Schiffbauer
Bill Schiffbauer Subscriber
Jul 08, 2014 07:13 AM
Doug, The reference to Mormons is off base. Everything else is right on.