Sarah Gilman

Sarah has covered the West's natural resources, politics and people since 2006. She writes and draws from Portland, Oregon. Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Hakai Magazine, BioGraphic, Adventure Journal Quarterly and others. She was a staff and contributing editor at High Country News for 11 years. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado and has spent most of her adult life in small towns in the Rockies, studying white-crowned sparrows, reporting for newspapers and magazines and working on a trail crew. Her favorite tool — from her days building steps and retaining walls on the slopes of Mount Massive outside Leadville — is the double jack. These days, she's also especially partial to her 8-lb. maul. 

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On losing nothing
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Philip Anschutz’s outsized reach in the West
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A field program teaches undergrads to think differently about public lands
A field program teaches undergrads to think differently about public lands
Whitman College's Semester in the West and similar programs strive to make students think about resource issues critically and compassionately, and often change their lives in the process.
If we don't get our energy here, where will we get it?
If we don't get our energy here, where will we get it?
Examining the argument that this place is more special than the rest.
Monumental opposition to a monumental proposal?
Outdoor industries rile Utah’s conservative pols with call to protect land around Canyonlands National Park
Tilting the balance of power
Tilting the balance of power
Tribal efforts to hold on to heritage and right past wrongs continue in Port Gamble, Washington.
For sale: The North Fork Valley
Controversial Colorado oil and gas leases back on the table
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