Michael Branch


Michael P. Branch is Professor of Literature and Environment at the University of Nevada, Reno. He has published five books and more than 200 essays, articles, and reviews, and his creative nonfiction has appeared in magazines including Utne ReaderOrionEcotoneHawk and Handsaw, and Whole Terrain. He has had pieces recognized as Notable Essays in The Best American EssaysThe Best American Science and Nature Writing, and The Best American Nonrequired Reading. His essay series, Rants from the Hill, appears monthly at hcn.org. A confirmed desert rat, Mike lives with his wife and two daughters at 6,000 feet in the remote western Nevada desert, where the Great Basin and Sierra Nevada meet. For more, visit Mike’s website.

In defense of bibliopedestrianism
In defense of bibliopedestrianism
A writer’s love of reading while walking in Nevada’s Great Basin desert.
Rants from the Hill: Speaking of Wild Horses
Rants from the Hill: Speaking of Wild Horses
Why read the article when you can read the thread instead?
Rants from the Hill: Towering Cell Phone Trees
The cell phone tower disguised as a tree is the new invasive exotic.
Rants from the Hill: Seashells on Desert Mountaintops
Rants from the Hill: Seashells on Desert Mountaintops
A story of the old earth and its young inhabitants.
Rants from the Hill: The Washoe Zephyr
A wind that is by no means a trifling matter.
Rants from the Hill: Arid lands bibliopedestrianism
A modest defense of reading while walking.
Rants from the Hill: Time for a Tree House
An arboreal retreat for ... kids?
Rants from the Hill: Most likely to secede
On the seductive virtues of declaring independence
Rants from the hill: Trapping the bees
What to do when 50,000 honeybees hive up inside the walls of your house
Rants from the Hill: Feral child
On the triumph of nature over nurture
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