‘Cyanide bombs’ use reauthorized to kill wild animals
‘Cyanide bombs’ use reauthorized to kill wild animals
The traps have caused unintentional deaths, but Wildlife Services can continue to employ them to protect livestock and farm crops.
Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Climate action on public lands would force a reckoning for fossil fuel dependent states and communities.
Outdoor underachievers; mission massage; photo nots
Outdoor underachievers; mission massage; photo nots
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
Wilderness up for lease
Citizen-proposed wilderness areas in the West are the latest battleground in the war over oil and gas drilling on the public lands
Immigrants rush to cross U.S.-Mexico border for work visas; housing development threatens antelope migration corridor near Pinedale, Wyo.; Jim Hansen and Olene Walker lose Utah gubernatorial primary; and outdoor equipment manufacturers ask Forest Service
Wolf foes get medieval
A series of animal poisonings in Wyoming and Idaho raises questions about whether the states are ready to take on management of wolves
Jackson can't agree on growth
A decade after it became famous for its model land-use planning, Jackson, Wyo., is facing a stagnant downtown, crowded highways, sprawling development and sky-high real estate prices
A new look at Yellowstone
With its beautiful photographs and fine writing, Pete Bengeyfield’s Incredible Vision: The Wildlands of Greater Yellowstone succeeds in giving readers a new look at an often-photographed landscape
Heard Around the West
Cloning trophy bucks; glove kills polar bear; Grand Tetons in Colorado?; potato chip bombs; Monticello, Utah’s "citizens of the year"; rural Wyoming in The New York Times; Bureau of Penis Enlargement?; Wyoming Gov. Dave Freudenthal is humble; and mother c
Proposed wilderness on the auction block
A list of the wilderness inventory areas and citizens’ wilderness proposal areas being offered for oil and gas leasing by the BLM includes lands in New Mexico, Wyoming, Colorado and Utah
State struggling to keep up with CBM
A state task force says pollution regulations for coalbed methane wells are severely under-enforced in Wyoming
Heard Around the West
Desert residents vs. desert sand; really overdue library books; Ken Lay’s Aspen real estate woes; sage grouse vs. jets in Wyoming; "emergency phone" calls in North Dakota; gardener named Gardener vs. Laramie, Wyo.; and Oregon driver vs. bee
Reckless rancher cuts sweet deal in D.C.
The Bush administration cuts a deal with Wyoming rancher Harvey Frank Robbins Jr., and orders the Worland BLM office to back off on enforcing grazing regulations
The Red Desert braces for a gas boom
The Red Desert and Jack Morrow Hills of Wyoming are at the center of industry’s ambitious plans to extract natural gas and coalbed methane
Where the Antelope (and the Oil Companies) Play
In Wyoming’s Upper Green River Basin, a natural gas boom is threatening pronghorn antelope and other wildlife, and some Pinedale-area residents are beginning to fight back
Gas crisis puts Rockies in hot seat
The nation’s increasing demand for natural gas is going to hit hardest in the Rocky Mountain West
A parade becomes a memorial after a murder
A parade becomes a memorial after a murder
Laramie, Wyoming, wrestles with the hate in its midst when a gay student is beaten to death.
Grizzly war
Wildlife biologists, environmentalists and Western politicians are engaged in a fierce debate over whether two decades of protection have so restored Yellowstone's grizzly population that the animal ought to be removed from the endangered species list.
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