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You say you want to cut government spending? Kick off cows
An open letter to Congress recommends that it save federal money by removing cows from public lands. Opinion.
Democrats resort to banana bread
Formerly powerful California Democrats George Miller and Henry Waxman are lost in the new, Republican Washington.
Ranchers forced into numbers game
The authors opine that BLM grazing rules are rigged in favor of overgrazing and work against conscientious ranchers.
An ersatz democracy gets what it deserves
Media, elected officials and the city of Denver all share responsibility for DIA and its problems.
We can't save the land without first saving the West
The communities of the West can be saved while the land is protected, too.
Victory in Idaho: Canyon lovers defeat the military
A coalition of canyon lovers defeats the U.S. Air Force in Idaho's Owyhee Canyon.
Bit by bit, government's power is being eroded by wave of takings lawsuits
Legal scholars discuss takings controversy at a University of Colorado law school conference.
Bruce Babbitt in the lion's den
Bruce Babbitt's tactics are forcing environmentalists and ranchers to change.
How love of gold moves mountains
A boycott of gold jewelry might solve the problems caused by mining.
Camping out in the Merry Widow Mine
Merry Widow Mine a spa for arthritis sufferers.
Consensus may not be the best way to reform grazing
Writer warns that consensus grazing management has failed in the past and will fail again.
Don't try to improve grazing; abolish it!
Andy Kerr believes grazing must be ended rather than reformed.
Why one advocacy group steers clear of consensus efforts
Why Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance doesn't participate in advisory groups.
Scientist says Yellowstone Park is being destroyed
Yellowstone elk destroying the biodiversity and ecological integrity of ecosystem.
A forest supervisor says 'thank you'
Siuslaw National Forest Supervisor Jim Furnish discusses changing his agency's bad record.
Endless pressure, endlessly applied
Earth First! founder offers a strategy for making politicians do the right thing.
We need a regional wilderness law
A former Forest Service ranger describes the need for a bill like the Northern Rockies Ecosystem Protection Act.
Justice for owls, and for communities
Clinton forest plan doesn't include justice for logging communities.
Lycra is as 'authentic' as denim
Cultural clash between newcomers and land-based old-timers is nothing new.
The Forest Service sells out
In Colorado, Tom Chapman trades West Elk Wilderness inholding for land near Telluride, bilking the Forest Service of millions of dollars.
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