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Who knows best: grassroots or foundations?
Bad times in Congress point up the lack of unity in the environmental movement which is split between foundation and grassroots strategy.
Jealousy, passion, rage: It all takes place in Yellowstone National Park
During elk rutting season, the little town of Mammoth Hot Springs inside Yellowstone National Park becomes a wild "cauldron of lust."
Congress fights to restore a filthy past
Memories of the horrors of corporate water pollution before environmental regulation prompt the author to warn Congress against weakening the law.
BPA scapegoats fish to protect fat cats
If Bonneville Power Administration can't afford to save salmon, it should be gotten rid of entirely.
Grazing reform: Here's the answer
A liberal and a conservative come together to offer a grazing reform package that they claim will work.
We need to avoid riparian hysteria
"Climatic serendipity" is more likely to restore riparian areas than human tinkering and the use of scare tactics.
'Pocahontas' is a mean-spirited lie
A Native American journalist offers a fierce critique of Walt Disney's "Pocahontas."
Don't worry: Have a Kokopelli day
The catalog-consumerism of trendy "Native American" items exploits both Indians and the non-Indians who want to dress and decorate for the part.
An Easterner ponders the West's alleged wildness
The writer seeks to change the sometimes-competitive relation between Easterners and Westerners into a true working partnership to save all American wildlands.
Grow up, dig in, and take root
Talk of the West's "dream towns" should focus less on moving to one than on staying and creating a home where we already live.
Devastation at the center of his universe
The destruction of the Big Wild in Idaho's Greater Salmon-Selway ecosystem by logging moves the author to rage and grief.
How to get rural people to stand proud and tall
The second annual meeting of the Sierra Nevada Alliance attracts activists including David Brower and Andrea Lawrence.
And you thought cows were bad...
A wilderness ranger describes the less-aesthetic parts of her job as she cleans up after campers.
Small town, quirky lives
Former intern Auden Schendler recalls life at "Intern Acres" in Paonia.
A decadent, old-growth timber baron is chopped down
Ousted Louisiana-Pacific chairman Harry Merlo leaves a legacy of pollution, fraud and betrayal.
Tom Bell: outraged by the outrageous
Altamont is the rural West in microcosm, writer says.
HCN's tough underbelly
Former HCN interns share memories and offer updates on their lives since the paper.
HCN interns: city kids meet gritty rural life
Shea Andersen describes the life of an HCN intern.
The little paper that could
The little paper that could
HCN editor Betsy Marston reminisces about the early days of the paper after it moved from Lander, Wyo., to Paonia, Colo.
My kingdom is a horse
The writer considers how hard it is to love the earth or anything else in the abstract, as opposed to the particular and familiar, and reminisces about getting to know a horse when he was a child.
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