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Does development have to mean destruction?
What happens when unplanned development takes place in an undeveloped environment? Do companies have a conscience when it comes to use of land? The photos displayed here tell a story -- not a pretty story.
Rifle scabbards ... where and how?
Big game hunters who use horses are often faced with a problem -- how to carry their rifle. Rifle scabbards hung on the saddle are a ready answer -- but where are how do you hang the scabbard?
Big dollars destined to leave mark on Alaska
Alaska's oil boom brings big paychecks, but also inflated prices. Nearly everything about Alaska's boom is bigger -- the distances, the physical discomfort, and the appetite for money.
Environmental films catalog
A list and brief review of a couple dozen environmental films, including "Vanishing Redwoods," "The Terrible News," "A New Dawn," and "John Muir's High Sierra."
People of the West are changing attitudes about environment
Throughout the Rocky Mountain region there are demands to take a closer look at industries' impact on the environment.
People move into land planning
The purpose of this article is to describe, in practical terms, how you can influence the future of your community through the planning process.
Hunting still good in '70s
The hunting outlook for the 1970s is bright in spite of the crepe-hanging of some forecasters. There will be lean times, but there are good days ahead for the hunters willing to work at it.
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