The howl and death of wolf 926F
The howl and death of wolf 926F
A researcher’s mission to document the wild records the song of a famous Yellowstone canine.
Update: Record number of endangered wolves found dead
Update: Record number of endangered wolves found dead
The U.S. recovery program for Mexican gray wolves continues to struggle.
Interior is undoing a legacy of national park stewardship in Alaska
Interior is undoing a legacy of national park stewardship in Alaska
Unethical killing of bears and wolves is not responsible wildlife management.
Infographic: Hey, Wildlife Services — what did you kill?
Alaska’s wildlife war
Alaska’s wildlife war
The federal government pushes back as the state ramps up control of wolves and other predators.
Against all odds, wolf OR7 may have found a mate
Adventure travel vs. conservation
Adventure travel vs. conservation
A conversation with outdoor entrepreneur Bill Bryan.
Man's (and livestock's) best friend
A Montana group trains dogs to keep predators and livestock out of trouble
Wolf on a picnic table
Wolf on a picnic table
Is a more-or-less trained and captive wolf anything at all like a truly wild wolf?
Billboard battles don't help much
Billboard battles don't help much
Extreme rhetoric about wolves, whether pro or con, doesn't help solve the problems around the issue.
Wildlife wars
There’s fighting over the endangered status of wolves, sage grouse, etc., and protecting wildlife from drilling.
Video: Still howling wolf
Video: Still howling wolf
The passionate and complicated feelings people have about living with wolves in the Northern Rockies.
Drilling, wolves, guns and plutonium
“Drill here, drill now!” on the ground and in Western politics; Northern Rockies wolves protected again – and on the move; Obama backs Second Amendment; gas pains in the West; plutonium spill in Boulder.
Don’t call plugging wolves hunting
Derek Goldman criticizes Wyoming’s policy that allows wolves to be shot on sight.
Agency probes wolf-baiting claims
Reintroduction program now clouded by investigation
Last chance for the Lobo
Mexican Wolves in Catron County, New Mexico struggle to survive in the midst of underfunding, inbreeding, and hostile local ranchers.
Wolves have a reputation that’s larger than life
Some hunters are blaming the Big Bad Wolf for a decline in the northern Yellowstone elk herd, but Dan Whipple points out that recent weather – and Montana hunting policy – are more likely to be responsible.
Two weeks in the West
Forest Service faces budget cuts; Rural Schools Act dies; local governments may have to pay more firefighting costs; user fees upheld; grazing fees go down; Klamath dams may fall; livestock killed by wolves, and wolves killed; and UFOs in the West.
Mass wolf kill rests on shaky science
Idaho’s Fish and Game Department wants to boost dwindling elk numbers by killing wolves in the Lolo management zone
First fatal wolf attack recorded in North America?
A 22-year-old Canadian man, whose partially eaten body was found in the woods of northern Saskatchewan, may represent the first documented instance of a human being killed by healthy wolves in North America
Bringing back the wolf = bringing back the habitat
In Decade of the Wolf: Returning the Wolf to Yellowstone, biologist Douglas Smith and nature writer Gary Ferguson seek to separate myth from reality in the long and turbulent saga of the wolf
Feds to hand wolves to states
A change in the federal Endangered Species Act will give Idaho and Montana more control over threatened gray wolves, but deny the Nez Perce Tribe a role in wolf management.
Wandering into wolf territory
In his book Vicious: Wolves and Men in America, Jon T. Coleman explores the history of how the wolf was slowly transformed from vermin to be cruelly slaughtered into a noble calendar pinup
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