For sage grouse, science can be fatal
For sage grouse, science can be fatal
Is the value of data worth the death of individual animals?
Tinder meets tremors as Western tarantulas look for love
Tinder meets tremors as Western tarantulas look for love
Males will travel in numbers, dance hypnotically and get eaten during their annual hunt to mate.
A quick guide to threatened terrestrial and freshwater species in your state
A quick guide to threatened terrestrial and freshwater species in your state
New rules would weaken protections for plants and animals listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act.
Game warden stays
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service game warden Joel Scrafford is saved from a transfer by the nomination of Mollie Beatty.
Lawsuit in sheep's clothing?
Wise Use Attorney Karen Budd wants to give land-owning hunters more rights in Wyoming.
Forest Service: Villain and scapegoat
Essay: The Forest Service is divided into old guard and new.
Guns, theft still kill eagles
Native Americans as well as gun buffs and foreign groups are responsible for killing and selling bald eagles.
Bald eaglets in Arizona have guardian angels
State biologists and bureaus are finding new ways to protect young eagles.
Poacher shoots elk, video and himself
A nationally known archer pleads guilty to killing protected elk in Yellowstone National Park.
Support drops for Clinton's timber plan
Alexander Cockburn's article in "The Nation" harshly criticizes Clinton's forest plan and the Sierra Club for going along with it.
On their own: Eagles make a comeback
Bald eagles are making a comeback after near extinction due to the pesticide DDT.
Prairie birds take a nosedive
The Great Plains bird populations are declining.
Crockpot pork and dock
'Gathering and Cooking Wild Plants of the Great Plains' by Kay Young examines the world of wild edibles.
Brazil of the north
Canada's Future Forest Alliance says Canada's forests are threatened by logging interests.
The American lion
'Cougar: The American Lion' by Kevin Hansen exposes the habits of the elusive predator.
Dying to spawn
Cui-ui die in antiquated fishways in Pyramid Lake, Nevada.
A go-ahead for some logging
The Natural Resources Defense Council says it will not object as timber sales resume in the east Cascades.
Roads are lethal for bears
A coalition of environmental groups say roads kill grizzlies in Yellowstone.
How to steal a tree
Trees can be stolen many ways.
Earth First! logging protest evokes hostility in Idaho
Locals are wary of Earth First!ers in Idaho logging communities.
North Dakota wilderness plan draws fire
A proposal designating 191,000 acres as North Dakota's first state wilderness is under attack.
Wildlife officer says he is a victim of politics
Game Warden Joel Scrafford resigns in opposition to a forced transfer from his Montana and Wyoming territory.
Logging firms rob a lax agency
Forest Service practices permit logging fraud by the Columbia River Scaling and Grading Bureau.
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