Scientists struggle to find reasons behind gray whale deaths
Scientists struggle to find reasons behind gray whale deaths
Some researchers think the whales are starving, but the cause of death may be far more complicated.
New Endangered Species Act rules open door to looser protections
New Endangered Species Act rules open door to looser protections
The new implementation guidelines relax habitat protections and favor development.
‘Cyanide bombs’ use reauthorized to kill wild animals
‘Cyanide bombs’ use reauthorized to kill wild animals
The traps have caused unintentional deaths, but Wildlife Services can continue to employ them to protect livestock and farm crops.
The Forest Service clings to an outmoded ideology
Jack Ward Thomas represents the reform-mindedness the U.S. Forest needs.
Groups blast recovery plan for four salmon runs
A Snake River Chinook Recovery Team plan to truck salmon downstream does more to protect hydropower than fish, critics say.
The decline and fall of salmon
Logging, hydropower and fishing contribute to the decline of salmon in Oregon waters.
Western governers want help
Governors from Idaho, Washington, California and Oregon ask the President to design a strategy to restore declining salmon runs.
An open letter to Judge William Dwyer:
An environmentalist sends a plea to Judge William Dwyer to carefully consider the drawbacks of Option 9 in Clinton's forest plan.
Pine marten loses protection
Utah lifts a three-year moratorium on trapping pine marten.
The next timber frontier
Several Northwest timber companies set their sights on Siberia's arctic forest with the help of Oregon Rep. Les AuCoin.
Is eight enough?
Only eight Salmon River sockeye salmon complete the migration to Redfish Lake.
Battle for Montana wilderness enters its 16th round
Rep. Pat Williams introduces the Montana Wilderness Act for the 16th time, amidst disagreements between The Alliance for the Wild Rockies, The Sierra Club and other members of the environmentalist community.
Study says Elwha River is reclaimable
The Elwha Study shows that salmon habitat could be brought back to life if Elwha and Glines Canyon dams are removed.
Down the tube
The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory is developing a tube for young fish to help them swim through dams.
Victory for raptors
President Clinton signs the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area into law.
Hunter finds Trouble and kills her
Trouble, the grizzly that escaped from a wildlife refuge, is shot and killed by hunter Timothy O'Leary.
New policy for old growth
The Forest Service screening of sales of old-growth timber east of the Cascades draws protest from loggers.
Lovesick and lost
An elk wanders into a canal and is rescued by state game officials.
Colorado old growth saved
The Forest Service spares a stand of Colorado old-growth slated for cutting after pleas from environmentalists.
Idaho Gov. Andrus takes on eight dams
Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus sues federal agencies in an attempt to save endangered salmon on the Snake and Columbia rivers.
Battle for wilderness takes a break
Earth First! and other environmental groups claim victory after preventing logging and slowing Forest Service road building efforts in the Cove-Mallard timber sale area.
Agency leans toward a controversial land trade
Developer Tom Chapman strikes a deal with the Forest Service on a controversial land swap.
Wolves start a family in eastern Montana
A family of wolves settles near Augusta, Mont., as the wolf re-introduction debate rages in Yellowstone.
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