Scientists decode environmental impacts from Bering Sea bird feathers
Scientists decode environmental impacts from Bering Sea bird feathers
To understand the evolving marine environment, scientists look to the seabirds.
Grizzlies and the limits of coexistence
Grizzlies and the limits of coexistence
A rancher weighs the fate of wildlife and human encroachment in his new book.
Wildlife refuges suffer under budget cuts and staff shortages
Wildlife refuges suffer under budget cuts and staff shortages
The key mission of the Refuge System — to protect and restore wildlife habitat — may be falling by the wayside.
Newspaper series unsettles the Northwest
The Spokesman-Review publishes a series about Forest Service mismanagement in five national forests in the Northwest.
Critics want foresters fired
Environmentalists urge Jack Ward Thomas to remove the two top forest managers in the agency's Southwest region.
Poachers zero in on Yellowstone's prized wildlife
More poachers take wildlife from Yellowstone.
Let the market help
Defenders of Wildlife publishes a report, "Economic Incentives into the Endangered Species Act.'
Clearcuts and the Clearwater
The Sierra Club and the Idaho Wilderness Society agree to a Forest Service plan to cut 80 million board-feet in Idaho.
Salvage sales assailed
Several groups sue the Forest Service to block salvage timber sales in Idaho.
Maybe another wolf
Biologists can't confirm if a video shot in Hayden Valley of Yellowstone shows an endangered gray wolf.
Agency inches toward diversity
District Ranger Melissa Blackwell cites her career as proof that the Forest Service is dropping gender barriers and shifting priorities.
Ranger prods and and pulls her district in a new direction
Kamas District Ranger Melissa Blackwell represents a new direction for the National Forest Service.
Logging firms scour the West for trees
Boise Cascade and the Louisiana-Pacific lumber companies export timber from Dixie National Forest to the chagrin of local companies.
Hail to the Chief
A profile of Jack Ward Thomas, new chief of the Forest Service.
Faux deer draws faux hunters near Vail
The Colorado Division of Wildlife catches outlaw hunters with Robodeer.
An historic event
An opinion about the ramifications of appointing Jack Ward Thomas as the new chief of the Forest Service.
Save the salmon
Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus publishes a brochure, "Snake River Salmon: National treasure at risk of extinction.'
The Xerces Society wages the battle for biological diversity by acting as an advocate for invertebrate populations.
Living with cougars
The Colorado Division of Wildlife's brochure, "Living with Wildlife in Lion Country,' answers questions about cougars.
Once more, for the sturgeon
Operators at Montana's Libby Dam will again try to keep the Kootenai River white sturgeon off the endangered species list.
Human activity must yield to bears
The Forest Service changes reduces logging and roadbuilding in Flathead National Forest and Glacier National Park in order to protect grizzly habitat.
More talk about wolves
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service extends its deadline for public comment on the wolf restoration project in Yellowstone.
Interior settles refuge lawsuit
The Interior Department says it will stop grazing, motorboating and other secondary uses on the nation's wildlife refuges.
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