Can the ‘Beaver State’ learn to love beavers?
Can the ‘Beaver State’ learn to love beavers?
A novel legal strategy could protect Oregon’s state animal from the feds.
In Oregon’s Coast Range, a writer explores identity
In Oregon’s Coast Range, a writer explores identity
A collection of essays ranges through the histories, trees and wildlife of the state.
Trespassing aliens; Garbage privacy; Brand your calves
Trespassing aliens; Garbage privacy; Brand your calves
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
Study says Elwha River is reclaimable
The Elwha Study shows that salmon habitat could be brought back to life if Elwha and Glines Canyon dams are removed.
Down the tube
The Idaho National Engineering Laboratory is developing a tube for young fish to help them swim through dams.
Victory for raptors
President Clinton signs the Snake River Birds of Prey National Conservation Area into law.
Hunter finds Trouble and kills her
Trouble, the grizzly that escaped from a wildlife refuge, is shot and killed by hunter Timothy O'Leary.
New policy for old growth
The Forest Service screening of sales of old-growth timber east of the Cascades draws protest from loggers.
Lovesick and lost
An elk wanders into a canal and is rescued by state game officials.
Colorado old growth saved
The Forest Service spares a stand of Colorado old-growth slated for cutting after pleas from environmentalists.
Idaho Gov. Andrus takes on eight dams
Idaho Governor Cecil Andrus sues federal agencies in an attempt to save endangered salmon on the Snake and Columbia rivers.
Battle for wilderness takes a break
Earth First! and other environmental groups claim victory after preventing logging and slowing Forest Service road building efforts in the Cove-Mallard timber sale area.
Agency leans toward a controversial land trade
Developer Tom Chapman strikes a deal with the Forest Service on a controversial land swap.
Wolves start a family in eastern Montana
A family of wolves settles near Augusta, Mont., as the wolf re-introduction debate rages in Yellowstone.
Restarting the Hart
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wants to remove all livestock from an antelope refuge in order to conduct an ecosystem management restoration program.
Ailing Ecosystems
Former government biologist, Mark Shaffer, proposes the Endangered Species Act be extended to include entire ecosystems called lifelands.
Wolf killed in Montana
A wolf is shot illegally in Montana.
Baptism of fire
Though the Yellowstone forest recovery is well under way, moose still suffer.
Tree-spikers nailed
The first two people convicted under federal tree-spiking laws will spend time behind bars.
Rancher acquitted in Montana
A jury acquits rancher Paul Berger of charges that he poisoned eagles in Montana.
What's in a name?
Animal Damage Control will change its name to Wildlife Services.
Stone Container cuts a wide swath: In the woods, it cuts, runs and blames
Stone Forest Industries blames environmental groups and the Forest Service for its mill closing when company management is really to blame.
Snarls dominate lightly attended wolf hearings
Protesters at hearings throughout Wyoming demonstrate against wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone.