The tyranny of lawns and landlords
The tyranny of lawns and landlords
Renting culture puts dreams of cultivating wildness out of reach.
The Colorado River needs a long-term plan for drought
The Colorado River needs a long-term plan for drought
Western states bought some time with a historic agreement but still face a hotter, drier future.
Paranoia and a ‘preposterously’ oversized water tank
Paranoia and a ‘preposterously’ oversized water tank
An affluent Utah community spent millions to extinguish its fear of fire. Decades later, they’re still trying to buy their way out of a bottomless pit.
Idaho just says no to hydro dam
The Idaho Land Board rejects a proposed dam on the Snake River at Auger Falls.
Dams be damned
Activist Yvan Rochon seeks removal of two dams on Washington's Elwha River.
BuRec gets a new leader
Former New Mexico State Engineer Eluid Martinez will replace Dan Beard as commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.
For seven days, it will flood
A controlled week-long flood through the Grand Canyon may help restore some of the beaches, sandbars and humpback chub fish harmed by Glen Canyon Dam.
Montanans take to the ballot
A coalition of sportsmen, ranchers and environmentalists called Montanans for Clean Water puts an initiative on the fall ballot designed to toughen the state's water laws.
Clogged channel sends a river over its bank in Washington
Winter rains flood Washington's Skokomish River valley and environmentalists say the problem is exacerbated by logging, urban sprawl, dams and other human impacts.
How rivers really run
Courses in Applied Fluvial Geomorphology, Stream Classification and Applications and River Assessment and Monitoring are offered.
The plumber's guide to the Colorado Basin
Artist Lester Dore's map of the plumbing of the Colorado Basin is available as a poster.
Thou shalt not build a dam
Pueblo Bishop Arthur Tafoya agrees with the Catholic Human Development Commission that the Animas-La Plata water project is wasteful and destructive.
Dam project called a "bungle' and a "porker'
The Catholic Diocese of Pueblo, Colo., blasts the proposed Animas-La Plata water project as an "environmental, economic and social bungle."
Dam project could get a free ride
Colorado Republican Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell seeks to push ahead with dam construction on Animas-La Plata.
South Dakota pulls plug on Missouri River meetings
South Dakota withdraws from the Missouri River Basin Association, claiming frustration with bureaucracy.
All about river guides
Grand Canyon River Guides puts out "boatman's quarterly review."
Congress fights to restore a filthy past
Memories of the horrors of corporate water pollution before environmental regulation prompt the author to warn Congress against weakening the law.
We need to avoid riparian hysteria
"Climatic serendipity" is more likely to restore riparian areas than human tinkering and the use of scare tactics.
Restoring a watershed
The Sierra Club's map of the Spokane-Coeur d'Alene watershed draws attention to the area's pollution and offers advice.
Economist discovers what a free river is worth
Economist John Loomis puts a price tag on the value of tearing down two Elwha River dams and restoring the salmon runs on the river.
Dan Beard resigns
Dan Beard resigns as director of the Bureau of Reclamation to the disappointment of environmentalists.
Rescuing Colorado's rivers
The nonprofit Colorado Rivers Alliance aims to protect and restore Colorado rivers.
Harold Vangilder
Sierra Vista City Councilman Harold Vangilder defends human use of the San Pedro River.
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