Renewable Energy

Latest: Trump’s BLM approves a massive California solar plant
Latest: Trump’s BLM approves a massive California solar plant
Opponents cite potential harm to desert wildlife, views and sand dunes.
In the West, climate action falters on the ballot
In the West, climate action falters on the ballot
While climate-focused candidates won key races in the region, ballot initiatives to limit fossil fuels’ effects failed.
A utility in coal country doubles down on renewables
A utility in coal country doubles down on renewables
‘You can politicize it all you want, but in the end economics is really what drives it.’
High Noon
High Noon
Environmentalists are arguing passionately over large-scale solar development on California's Mojave Desert.
From poo to power
Biofuel partnerships help fuel local communities
Soakin’ in southwestern Colorado
In the town of Ouray, geothermal energy is an irreplaceable asset.
Renewable law leaves the gate
The Colorado Public Utilities Commission finally releases rules for implementing Amendment 37, the state’s renewable standards law
The windy West gains influential support
The writer sees wind power gaining ground with smart businesses
Organics and biofuels bring independence
More Montana farmers are starting to raise oilseed crops and produce their own biofuels to save on energy costs
Forget idealism
With the demand for renewable energy growing and the costs falling, solar and wind power have moved out of the realm of idealism into that of the marketplace
Birds get a break from blades
More than half the windmills on California’s Altamont Pass will shut down for two months this winter so migrating birds can pass safely through the area
Renewable Energy Standards: How do states match up?
Six Western states now have renewable energy standards
Blades, birds and bats: Wind energy and wildlife not a cut-and-dried issue
Wind farms are working to make their turbines less hazardous to birds and bats
Easterners tilt at windmills while Westerners joust with a real foe
Cape Cod’s opposition to a proposed offshore wind farm sounds crazy to Westerners, who would gladly exchange nuclear waste dumps, coal mines and gas wells for some renewable energy
Los Angeles dumps coal deal
Los Angeles has decided to pull out of a deal to expand a coal-fired power plant in Delta, Utah, using the money for renewable energy instead
Surprise: Easterners balk at a giant wind farm
The writer says Easterners display a NIMBY attitude toward windpower that’s hard for Westerners to understand
Colorado voters snub coal for all things renewable
The board member of a small electric utility opines that the wind power mandate of Colorado's Amendment 37 is good for the energy industry, despite the utilities' resistance
Colorado snubs coal for all things renewable
The writer cheers Colorado voters who pushed renewable energy onto the stodgy producers of electricity
The Udall bloodline is consistent
Mo Udall’s six children, and Stewart Udall’s six – not to mention many of their cousins – have tended to find work in some form of public service
Colorado voters hold the cards on renewable energy
In November, Coloradans will have the chance to vote on a citizen-proposed renewable-energy initiative, but the utilities are working hard to defeat it
Ethanol takes off in the West
Critics say a new push for producing ethanol from corn is actually a waste of both energy and money
Renewable energy made simple
Rex Ewing?s book, Power with Nature: Solar and Wind Energy Demystified, is exactly what it claims to be: a practical, readable handbook on converting to renewable energy
National preserve is in hot water
GeoProducts wants to build a geothermal plant in New Mexico’s Valles Caldera National Preserve and sell power to Los Alamos National Laboratory, but some say the whole plan is a scam to get money from the Forest Service
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