The pioneer of ruin
The pioneer of ruin
Amid a desolate mess in Cisco, Utah, a young woman resurrects a home.
Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm
Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm
Echo-Hawk’s ‘punishment comedy’ draws on his experiences as an Indigenous man living in Seattle.
The Kumeyaay poet who’s disrupting nature poetry
The Kumeyaay poet who’s disrupting nature poetry
Tommy Pico merges natural and personal history of the arid West from Brooklyn, New York.
Justice for all
Justice for all
Jensie Anderson meets with homeless clients every Sunday underneath a Salt Lake City viaduct.
Dust to dust
Dust to dust
The western Colorado town of Uravan no longer exists, but its history of radium and uranium mining lives on.
Notes from the (water) underground
Research hydrologist Gordon Grant is fascinated by the groundwater in the Pacific Northwest.
Off the grid, but not off his rocker
Moab cartoonist Travis Kelly lives in a solar school bus, and creates political cartoons to stay sane.
John Daniel: A good animal, too
John Daniel: A good animal, too
The unlikely path to becoming an environmental writer, memoirist and poet.
For the birds
For the birds
Scott Rashid rescues and rehabilitates owls, eagles and other birds at his house in Estes Park, Colo.
Weekend Westerner
Weekend Westerner
Arthur Kruse rides the range – outside of Munich, Germany.
Burning issues
Controversial forestry scientist Tom Bonnicksen believes increased logging is necessary to fight global warming.
Cheewa James: Chronicler of the ‘Tribe That Wouldn’t Die’
Cheewa James digs into the little-known history of her own people: the Modoc Indians of southern Oregon’s Klamath Valley.
Alexandra Fuller: A fine line between protest and profession
Author Alexandra Fuller talks about the impacts of oil drilling on her chosen home of Wyoming.
Shifting sands in Navajoland
On the drought-stricken Navajo Nation, scientist Margaret Hiza Redsteer studies the movement of sand dunes.
Survival and the fittest
Ultra-marathon runner Nikki Kimball races to keep her spirit strong and her personal demons at bay.
Warp, weft and Wal-Mart
Navajo weaver Marie Begay makes beautiful rugs from the wool of the sheep she raises, and looks forward to spending the money she earns at Wal-Mart.
Population’s Paul Revere?
Frosty Wooldridge sees himself as a kind of Paul Revere, tirelessly warning the West about overpopulation – especially in the form of illegal immigrants.
The gospel according to Ron Gillett
Ron Gillett brings his anti-wolf crusade to the small farming town of Ashton, Idaho.
Keeper of the wildlife
Biologist Les Bighorn, a Dakota Sioux, works to restore the swift fox to its native landscape on the Fort Peck Sioux and Assiniboine Reservation.
A Montana rancher stands his ground against subdivision
An 86-year-old lifelong rancher named Vernon Gliko is donating his entire 1,800-acre Montana ranch as a conservation easement.
Native Intelligence
Lili Singer is in love with California’s native plants and wants to share that love with other people.
Stay in the Hunt
Jim Posewitz believes hunters can help save the planet with their clear-sighted, on-the-ground conservation ethic.
I was a closet environmentalist
Roger Muggli might be the busiest man in eastern Montana, what with his family farm, his feed-pellet plant, his dedicated work on water issues and his quiet, steadfast environmentalism.
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