As the influence of newsprint erodes, Westword prevails
As the influence of newsprint erodes, Westword prevails
Despite the state of the media, Westword Editor Patty Calhoun maintains hope.
The pioneer of ruin
The pioneer of ruin
Amid a desolate mess in Cisco, Utah, a young woman resurrects a home.
Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm
Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm
Echo-Hawk’s ‘punishment comedy’ draws on his experiences as an Indigenous man living in Seattle.
Lewis’ Web
Wyoming microbiologist Randy Lewis is fascinated by spiders – particularly by the remarkable silk they produce.
Busy as a Buchmann
Ecologist Stephan Buchmann is crazy about bees, and his Tucson-based one-man nonprofit, The Bee Works, is simply buzzing with activity.
A wolf’s life
The wolf known as B-7 – the last surviving member of a group of Canadian wolves released in Idaho in 1995 – has died.
New Mexico’s water rebel
Albuquerque water developer Bill Turner, a board member of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, is often described as the bane of the district as well.
Red Feather builds homes and communities
The nonprofit Red Feather Development Group recruits volunteers like Zan Wannemuehler to help build straw-bale homes on Indian reservations.
Fill 'er up with moonshine
Chris Myles plans to fuel his vehicles with homebrewed ethanol, made in a still he built at his home in Silverton, Colo.
Tequila-fueled tunes
Tequila-fueled tunes
The music Roger Clyne writes and performs with his band, Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, is inspired by the Arizona desert
Have knives and hooks, will travel
Taos County’s new Mobile Matanza is a rolling livestock butchering unit that travels to the region’s far-flung family ranchers
Conspiring with caddisflies
A Seattle artist known only as Ferg works with tiny caddisfly larvae to make jewelry from the insects’ intricate casings
State of Jefferson: A place apart
Brian Peterson considers himself the interim governor of the State of Jefferson, an area in Northern California and southern Oregon that has been talking about secession since the early 1940s
In search of greener pastures
Laina Corazon Coit and her brother, Rick Chase, want to create Colorado’s first natural burial ground and wildlife refuge on the eastern prairie
Getting out of the office, and into hot water
California geology professor Jeff Mount uses river trips as an educational tool
Roadless returns!
Judge reinstates Clinton roadless rule
Film: Lens of compassion
Peter Richardson created an independent film called Clear Cut: The Story of Philomath, Oregon, to illuminate a culture clash that was tearing his hometown apart
Zine Roundup: Gone fishing
A 38-year-old female deckhand who calls herself Moe Bowstern created the zine called Xtra Tuf to explore the turbulent culture of the fishing industry
Zine Roundup: Sweet simplicity
Since 1992, Dan Price has been publishing a hand-drawn, illustrated zine called Moonlight Chronicles from his tiny, hobbit-style home in a meadow in Joseph, Ore.
Undaunted muckraker
Navajo Times reporter Marley Shebala is a fiercely determined journalist whose investigative reporting has helped bring down two tribal presidents
A pilgrim with a battered Nikon
Albuquerque photojournalist Jaelyn deMaria has devoted the last few years to documenting the pilgrims who come to the shrine of Monte Cristo Rey on the United States-Mexico border near El Paso.
The rural West's pragmatic booster
Economist and demographer Larry Swanson wants to help rural Western communities find a way to survive
Safety first
Steve Ficklin is an oil and gas safety inspector for the Bureau of Land Management in western Colorado
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