The pioneer of ruin
The pioneer of ruin
Amid a desolate mess in Cisco, Utah, a young woman resurrects a home.
Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm
Pawnee comic Howie Echo-Hawk wants to see you squirm
Echo-Hawk’s ‘punishment comedy’ draws on his experiences as an Indigenous man living in Seattle.
The Kumeyaay poet who’s disrupting nature poetry
The Kumeyaay poet who’s disrupting nature poetry
Tommy Pico merges natural and personal history of the arid West from Brooklyn, New York.
The Chaparralian
The Chaparralian
Richard Halsey says Southern California’s chaparral is not to blame for the fires that scorch the region every year.
Tackling Utah’s trash
Issa Hamud, an engineer who was born in Somalia, helped Logan, Utah, create a successful recycling program.
Tireless and tenacious storytelling
Lori Edmo-Suppah works tirelessly to keep the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes informed through the newspaper she edits, the Sho-Ban News
Jim Detterline to the rescue
Park Ranger Jim Detterline battles the agency he loves over its insistence that a hearing impairment makes him unfit for his job.
Stretching the notion of neighbor
Rev. Peter Sawtell crusades for eco-justice throughout the West from his church in Denver.
Sniffin’ out scat for conservation
Wicket – a wildly energetic dog discovered in an animal shelter – serves scientists by looking for grizzly poop in the Montana wilds.
Spinner of yarns, maker of floats
Black George Simmons – an 84-year-old park volunteer with a flair for colorful stories – dishes out root beer floats to anyone who visits his tiny log cabin in Grand Teton National Park.
He loves nature. And dams.
Paul Ostapuk is a nature-lover and outdoorsman who loves Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Dam.
Clean energy activist reflects on corporate influence in New Mexico legislation
Ben Luce is no longer pulling his punches as he battles for clean energy in New Mexico.
Sculpting a reason to love the wind
Gary Bates creates mammoth metal sculptures out of discarded junk and sets them outside to turn and spin in the wind
Changing the world, one car at a time
Greg Rock, co-founder of the Green Car Company in Seattle, is determined to help the world drive into a greener and more sustainable future
Throwing raptors into flight
Rob Domenech bands eagles, studies hawks and also works with at-risk kids
Worth the work
Jeremias Pink fixes up bikes and gives them away because he loves his town, Pocatello, Idaho
John Nichols and his 19th miracle
Writer John Nichols is still fighting the good fight in Taos, N.M.
Fightin’ against the feds
Utah state Rep. Mike Noel is still fighting the federal government over Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument
Weathering the academic storm
Dan Donato, whose controversial study on salvage logging sparked an academic firestorm, talks about his research and all it provoked
Saving the Sierra, tale by tale
Independent radio producers Catherine Stifter and jesikah maria ross are trying to help the Sierra Nevada by preserving the stories of the people who live there
Tripping over T-Rex
Paleontologist Bob Harmon loves nothing better than digging for old bones under the hot Montana sun
Bay bags his way to the top
Brian Bay of Sandy, Utah, is the world champion of grocery-store baggers, following his triumph at the National Grocers Association Best Bagger Competition.
Lewis’ Web
Wyoming microbiologist Randy Lewis is fascinated by spiders – particularly by the remarkable silk they produce.
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