New Endangered Species Act rules open door to looser protections
New Endangered Species Act rules open door to looser protections
The new implementation guidelines relax habitat protections and favor development.
Land transfer advocate and longtime agency combatant now leads BLM
Land transfer advocate and longtime agency combatant now leads BLM
William Perry Pendley has been tasked with overseeing 245 million acres of public lands he’s argued the federal government shouldn’t own.
Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Climate action on public lands would force a reckoning for fossil fuel dependent states and communities.
Chuck Perry: watchdog over coal harvest
Chuck Perry grew up in North Dakota, the breadbasket of the nation. Today he is leading the fight against strip mining that breadbasket.
The Colorado Open Space Council
The Colorado Open Space Council is taking political organizing seriously after Colorado environmentalists were overrun by Denver Water Board's plan to divert water from the state's Western slope in order to feed Denver's growth.
Vim Wright, COSC president
Colorado Open Space Council president Vim Wright was moved to enter the environmental movement by a fascination and appreciation for nature.
Orrin Bonney, mountaineer
Orrin H. Bonney is one of Wyoming's twentieth century mountain men. His love of Wyoming's high country has led to an intimate knowledge of the mountains few modern men can match.
Joyce Jorgenson, editor
Ouray County Plaindealer editor Joyce Jorgenson's biggest battle has been fighting a power package designed by Kemmerer Coal Company of Wyoming.
A conservation portrait: Ernie Day
Ernie Day fell in love with the White Clouds high mountain country of central Idaho about 10 years ago but at that time he never dreamed his love affair would square him off against the second largest mining company in the United States, or put him in the thick of an Idaho gubernatorial election.
Very important people
Volunteers-In-Parks at Grand Teton National Park help over-worked rangers with a variety of jobs in return for Park Service-provided lodging and $3 per day food allowance.
Independence personified
Claude Olson, a weatherbeaten South Dakotan who runs a 28,000-acre ranch, shares his recipes for barbequed beef, as well as his philosophy that he'd "like to prove that it is possible to live your natural lifetime without being subsidized by the taxpayers."
These chiselers really work
Tobe Wilkins and Jim Adams have spent the last 17 years chiseling away at the fossilized remains of more than 200 ancient beasts embedded in a 180-foot long, 40-foot high vertical wall in Dinosaur National Monument.
Tribute to a conservationist
Guy M. Brandborg of Hamilton, Mont., is a forester of the old school. He is one of that breed which had as its contemporaries such giants as Aldo Leopold and Bob Marshall, and he may one day be remembered as one with them.
Composting does wonders
Landscape gardener Stan Bulpitt is showing the way toward a compost-conscious America solving its waste problems, enriching its soils, and conserving precious water.
Two Montana men are dedicated to wilderness
Howard Thom, an oil pumper at the refinery in Laurel, Montana, and his brother Chick have spent hundreds of hours and hiked thousands of miles mapping potential boundaries for the proposed Absoroka-Beartooth Wilderness.
Lusk rockhound still at it
Joe Walsh of Lusk, Wyoming, has three warehouses full of rocks and fossils, making him perhaps the mountain west's most acquisitive rockhound.
Pioneer Wyoming rockhound has famous jade collection
Bilford Foster, a lapidarist in Lander, Wyoming, recounts how he became well-known for his jade jewelry.
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