White fragility and the fight over Marin County’s Dixie School District
White fragility and the fight over Marin County’s Dixie School District
North of San Francisco, a well-heeled community has its privilege tested.
Utah asks for exemption from Forest Service roadless rule
Utah asks for exemption from Forest Service roadless rule
For two decades, the rule has protected nearly four million acres in Utah.
Militias, MAGA activists and one border town’s complicated resistance
Militias, MAGA activists and one border town’s complicated resistance
How Arivaca, Arizona, became a magnet for anti-immigrant activists – and what locals did next.
Charlie Scott: from Wyoming to Washington D.C. (and back again)
Charlie Scott, a rancher south of Casper Mountain in Wyoming, challenged himself as a bureaucrat in Washington D.C. for five years, but is pleased to be back in the West.
Utahn fights to save southwestern canyons
When conservationists get together to talk shop, June Viavant talks canyons. The Escalante Canyon, in particular, has been her obsession since the '60s.
Laney Hicks keeps Sierra Club on front page
Laney Hicks, the Northern Plains Representative of the Sierra Club, has made good on her goal of getting good press coverage.
Friend of the earth and strip mine showman
Ed Dobson wanted to be a baseball player, and later, a sports broadcaster. But a hike to the Grand Canyon clinched his future in the West, and he now runs a traveling show about the ills of strip mining.
Gadflying and gathering facts
Peter and Katherine Montague are dedicated to dissolving the reticence that has traditionally characterized Western towns, and have been building an "information bank" in the Southern Rockies.
Bridger-Teton's man in the middle
Jim Connor, a planner-coordinator for the Bridger-Teton National Forest, softens the blows from environmentalists and industry.
Rancher/environmentalist Art Fawcett
Despite his ranch duties and his job as chairman of the Wyoming group of the Sierra Club, Art Fawcett still finds time to add to an impressive collection of wildflower and wildlife photos and participate in local community life.
Naturalist Adolph Murie dies
During his 75 years, Adolph Murie wandered through the wilderness from Guatemala to Alaska, living with wolves on Mount McKinley, moose on Isle Royale, elk in the Olympics, and coyotes in Yellowstone.
Dorothy Bradley, legislator for the land
Montana State Representative Dorothy Bradley, a Democrat, had everything going against her when she first decided to run for the legislature on Earth Day in the spring of 1970. "I was the wrong age, wrong sex, and wrong party," she says.
Mitchell's mountains
Finis Mitchell, whose family came to Wyoming with a span of mules, a wagon, and a cow in 1906, has climbed 195 mountains, including Gannett Peak, the tallest point in Wyoming.
Egan O'Connor and nuclear pollution
Through a group called the Task Force Against Nuclear Pollution, Egan O'Connor has helped locate, computerize, and wave in front of Congress the names of nearly 81,000 Americans who want to turn off nuclear fission.
Mining down on the ranch
Carolyn and Irv Alderson, owners and operators of the Bones Brothers Ranch in Birney, Mont., could benefit from mining coal on their property, but say "in the end the productivity of the land is the only material thing on this earth that can be left for the future."
Bart Koehler, environmental advocate
Bart Koehler's construction days ended abruptly when The Wilderness Society gave him a call, wanting to know if he'd give up Florida to hike around the Rockies studying potential wilderness, take pictures and write field reports.
Louise Dunlop and the Coalition Against Strip Mining
For the last three years Louise Dunlop's life has centered around one word -- coal. She coordinates the Coalition Against Strip Mining, a group of about 30 organizations across the country.
Leslie Peterson, WEI President
Leslie Peterson became an environmentalist when she saw that the trees weren't growing back on timber clearcuts in Wyoming's Shoshone National Forest. She noticed the scare as a small child, because she grew up in the forestry business.
Chuck Perry: watchdog over coal harvest
Chuck Perry grew up in North Dakota, the breadbasket of the nation. Today he is leading the fight against strip mining that breadbasket.
The Colorado Open Space Council
The Colorado Open Space Council is taking political organizing seriously after Colorado environmentalists were overrun by Denver Water Board's plan to divert water from the state's Western slope in order to feed Denver's growth.
Vim Wright, COSC president
Colorado Open Space Council president Vim Wright was moved to enter the environmental movement by a fascination and appreciation for nature.
Orrin Bonney, mountaineer
Orrin H. Bonney is one of Wyoming's twentieth century mountain men. His love of Wyoming's high country has led to an intimate knowledge of the mountains few modern men can match.
Joyce Jorgenson, editor
Ouray County Plaindealer editor Joyce Jorgenson's biggest battle has been fighting a power package designed by Kemmerer Coal Company of Wyoming.
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