Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Cherokee ancestry is a form of violence
Elizabeth Warren’s claim to Cherokee ancestry is a form of violence
Be it by the barrel of a carbine or a mail-order DNA test, the American spirit demands the disappearance of Indigenous people.
Farmers and ranchers lose vital support during shutdown
Farmers and ranchers lose vital support during shutdown
The funding stalemate has halted Department of Agriculture programs that the rural West relies on.
A critical solution to climate change is right here in the West
A critical solution to climate change is right here in the West
In pursuit of a ‘Green New Deal,’ don’t forget public lands.
Babbit is no Stegner or Abbey
An essay on whether or not Babbitt is helping the environment at the Interior Department.
The toner connection
Arizona Senator DeConcini is accused of doing favors for a recycled toner business.
More questions for Packwood
The Oregon Bar Association considers sanctions over harrassment charges against Packwood.
Can Dan Beard reclaim Reclamation?
A profile of Dan Beard, head of Bureau of Reclamation, shows his role within the Department of the Interior.
Supervisors ask: Was it coincidence or treachery?
Two Montana National Forest supervisors quit to protest reassignment.
More Clinton appointees are confirmed
Clinton appoints officials to the BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, NPS, US Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
Can Hazel O'Leary reinvent the Energy Department
Department head Hazel O'Leary takes steps to revitalize the Department Of Energy.
Texas congressman stirs up New Mexico
Texas congressman Mike Andrews proposes a national park linking the Guadalupe Mountains and Carlsbad Caverns national parks.
Indians lose an ally
Native Americans say they'll miss South Dakota Governor George Mickelson.
Jim Richards looked under all the rocks
A profile praises the work of former Interior Department watchdog Jim Richards.
Montana is made safe for polluters
The Montana Legislature weakened environmental controls with a flurry of bills this year.
Three more at Interior
Clinton nominates Brooks B. Yeager, Thomas B. Williams and Kevin J. Sweeney to the Interior Department.
A tribute to the man who imagined the West we now seek to build
A writer reflects on the life and death of Wallace Stegner.
An unconventional appointment
Clinton nominates Daniel Beard as the commissioner of the Bureau of Reclamation.
Clinton flinches under Western pressure
Higher grazing, logging and mining fees are dropped from the budget.
In NM: Mining reform wins; takings bill loses
A bill passed by the state legislature promises mining reform in New Mexico.
Legislature's anti-green crusade is sidetracked
The state Senate softens House anti-green legislation in Idaho.
Corporate muscles flex in Wyoming
Environmentalists build a coalition to protect their interests in the Wyoming Legislature.
Clinton has chance to change FERC
Four of five Federal Energy Regulatory Commission board members are resigning.
The West, according to The New York Times
Bruce Babbitt, secretary of the Interior Department, represents the face of the emerging West.
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