An Alaska ballot measure could kill Pebble Mine
An Alaska ballot measure could kill Pebble Mine
In November, voters will decide how to balance resource development and salmon habitat protections.
Trump’s methane rule rollback burns the natural gas bridge
Trump’s methane rule rollback burns the natural gas bridge
Without emissions regulations, the ‘clean’ fossil fuel is as dirty as coal.
Latest: County campaign promotes monuments on the chopping block
Latest: County campaign promotes monuments on the chopping block
San Juan County says ‘Make it Monumental’ while asking for exemption from the Antiquities Act.
Utah county sweeps away old guard
Grand County will elect a seven-member commission to replace the old county council.
Babbitt wins Interior, by a hair
Babbitt wins as Secretary of the Interior by a narrow margin.
Senior BLMer recalls how James Watt did things
Senior BLM director, Bob Moore, gives his opinion on appointees and career people.
Big changes are coming to Interior, Udall says
The former Secretary of the Interior, Stewart Udall, speculates on Babbitt's effect on the agency.
Babbitt in his words
Babbitt speaks out on multiple use policy, the BLM and western water policy.
Interference in environmental programs by political appointees
Excerpts from the House subcommittee staff report reveal details of of Lorraine Mintzmyer's transfer and changes to Yellowstone's "Vision" document.
Can Bruce Babbitt make Interior hum?
Bruce Babbitt will manage a fragmented and dysfunctional Department of the Interior.
The new Secretary of the Interior - Bruce Babbitt
Introduction to : Babbitt in his own words
Babbitt's domain: 1.9 billion acres
Several Interior Department agencies are profiled, including the Fish and Wildlife Service, the National Park Service, the BLM, the Bureau of Reclamation and many others.
Mules dance a backwoods ballet
Cal Samsel, based in Huson, Mont., runs a nine-mule team, delivering supplies to places in national forests in Idaho, Montana and the Dakotas where trucks can't drive and helicopters can't land.
Yvon Chouinard: A mutinous captain of industry
"I never wanted to be a businessman," says the owner of Patagonia clothing and gear company, "because I thought businessmen were real greaseballs. In fact I still do."
Edward Abbey: druid of the arches
The sudden death last week of Edward Abbey recalled to us this superb profile of the writer by Bruce Hamilton, who was HCN managing editor in 1976, when this story appeared.
Rancher-lawmaker takes on the establishment
Idaho's John Peavey proves that a legislator can win major fights against the West's power triangle -- big business, utilities and the farm-ranch establishment.
Will politics doom the ferret?
Endangered species biologist Tim Clark has chosen to occupy a world rife with contradictions, politics and emotion.
Morley Nelson on the sport of falconry
Morley Nelson has spent much of his 68 years working with raptors and trying to get the rest of us to catch a sense of the inspiration he has derived from these birds.
Put that beer can in Bucket No. 14, please
If Edward Abbey were introduced to my father, Edward Abbey would probably toss a beer can at him. My father would pick it up and put it in the proper recycling bucket.
Project Lighthawk gets conservationists off the ground
With his small plane, Michael Stewartt flies journalists, government officials and activists around the Rocky Mountain region to give them a birds-eye view of strips mines, coal-fired power plants and areas of scenic beauty.
Linford's pen still pursues West's polluters
Ernest Linford may be retired after a noted career as a journalist and professor in Wyoming, but he remains committed to land and water conservation.
John Peavey: a maverick changes stripes
John Peavy, a former state senator who now runs a 250,000 acre sheep and cattle operation in southern Idaho, is now running for that office on an environmental platform.
Love spins rock tales from huckleberries and oil
Dr. J. David Love, a supervisor for the U.S. Geological Survey, shares his knowledge of the Yellowstone supervolcano and other geologic wonders with summer students at the Teton Science School.
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