Farmers and ranchers lose vital support during shutdown
Farmers and ranchers lose vital support during shutdown
The funding stalemate has halted Department of Agriculture programs that the rural West relies on.
A critical solution to climate change is right here in the West
A critical solution to climate change is right here in the West
In pursuit of a ‘Green New Deal,’ don’t forget public lands.
Border security will always be elusive
Border security will always be elusive
The Borderlands have long been governed by impermanent and shifting policies.
A progressive bureaucrat signs off
Ed Marston interviews HCN reader Daniel Beard, who resigns as Bureau of Reclamation Commissioner Sept. 1.
Memo incontinence strikes again
Washington Republican Sen. Slade Gorton is embarrassed by the disclosure of memos showing his close ties to industry in his attempts to weaken environmental laws.
A 77-year-old cow watcher from Arizona
HCN reader Pauline Sandholdt of Salome, Arizona, is featured in a profile.
This budget cut is destructive
Republican plans to cut the budget for the Land and Water Conservation Fund will wreak havoc in the West.
Legislature votes to hamstring Washington state
The Washington Legislature's approval of Initiative 164 creates the most far-reaching "takings" law in the nation.
Politics 101
A reporter travels through Washington state's 5th congressional district to try to understand the November election defeat of Democratic Speaker of the House Tom Foley after 30 years in office.
Heard Around the West
A digest of news reports on militias and the reaction to them in the West in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Will the bill's authors please stand?
A memo shows lobbyists wrote most of a bill scaling back the Endangered Species Act.
It's deja vu yet again, says Bruce Babbitt
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt is philosophical about his problems, saying that the current Western uprising "isn't a revolution, it's a repetition."
Is it politics, or is it revolution?
Republican take-over and states' rights furor threaten environmental regulations throughout West.
Back to the past: House resets pollution laws
Anti-environmental bills are hurriedly passed through the House of Representatives as part of the Republicans' Contract With America.
County commissioner courts bloodshed
County Commissioner Dick Carver...
Slash and burn
Getting rid of federal agencies such as the Energy Department, Bonneville Power Administration, Animal Damage Control and others will save money and protect the West, writer believes. Opinion.
James Watt charged with felonies
Former Interior Secretary James Watt is indicted by a federal grand jury for lying to Congress and obstructing an investigation of fraud.
The word according to a weighty Republican
Alaska Republican Don Young, new chairman of the House Resource Committee, denounces environmentalism and offers his own conservative philosophy.
Democrats resort to banana bread
Formerly powerful California Democrats George Miller and Henry Waxman are lost in the new, Republican Washington.
Trimming pork the green way
The Green Scissors Report offers environmental suggestions for trimming federal budget.
Governor overrules voters
Republican Gov. Fife Symington overrules Arizona voters on takings legislation.
1995: Cecil Andrus knew how to take a stand
1995: Cecil Andrus knew how to take a stand
Former Idaho governor Cecil Andrus leaves a legacy of environmental reform - and controversy - behind him.
A Newtonian vision
Ultra-conservatives want to turn over public lands and national parks to the states and strip budgets of Interior and the Forest Service.
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