New Mexico’s ‘mini’ Green New Deal, dissected
New Mexico’s ‘mini’ Green New Deal, dissected
The Energy Transition Act could be a model for ambitious policies of the future.
An Arizona border sheriff confronts the wall
An Arizona border sheriff confronts the wall
President Trump’s pitch is ‘a sound bite, not a cogent public policy position.’
White fragility and the fight over Marin County’s Dixie School District
White fragility and the fight over Marin County’s Dixie School District
North of San Francisco, a well-heeled community has its privilege tested.
Congress' 11th-hour moment of maturity...
After an extended display of childishness, the 104th Congress ends by acting more like grown-ups.
She works to save the past
Longtime HCN reader Ann Phillips is an educational consultant turned archaeologist.
Should city slickers dictate to trappers?
A columnist says that ballot initiatives designed the way they are in Colorado allow urban areas to dictate to rural areas on sensitive issues like hunting.
How citizens make laws
Initiatives, referenda and constitutional amendments are explained.
Has big money doomed direct democracy?
The use of initiatives and referenda - direct democracy - to change the law for environmental reasons faces a challenge when big money enters the picture.
The body politic may edge to the left
The under-rated issue of voter turnout may be the key to a shift in Washington politics.
Public-lands issues loom large in November
The fate of school-trust lands and other public-land issues divide Democrat Kathy Karpan and Republican Mike Enzi in the race for retiring Sen. Alan Simpson's seat.
Indian gamblers target green lawmakers
In New Mexico, Native American gambling interests fight a battle against environmentalist candidates.
A green state could return to its roots
Democrats hope to make progress in Oregon at both state and national levels.
Moderates may gain in most conservative state
Environmental concerns may help moderates regain ground in Idaho.
Brown air could lead to greener state politics
Republicans seem to be solidly entrenched in Arizona, but some environmentalists see a possible shift in the direction of moderation.
Nevada: Who hates nuclear waste most?
In Nevada, a tight race for Congress has Republican John Ensign and Democrat Bob Coffin arguing over which of them hates the Yucca Mountain Nuclear Repository the most.
Arizona: Harvesting a bumper crop of bombast
In Arizona, a state with a history of eccentric and sometimes impeached politicians, Democrat Steve Owens challenges colorful Republican congressman J.D. Hayworth.
Washington: Greens storm the suburbs
In Washington, environmentalists defeated in the 1992 election scramble to mobilize the suburbs and win back the state's voters.
Skunked Democrats hope to turn the tide
In Washington, Democrats hope to win back the state Legislature that went to Republicans two years ago.
Montana: For veteran Baucus, it seems to be in the bag
In Montana, Democratic incumbent Max Baucus forges ahead of Republican challenger Dennis Rehberg in the race for the Senate.
California: A 28-year-old talks the talk to green voters
In California, Michela Alioto, granddaughter of former San Francisco mayor Joseph Alioto, offers a green-sounding alternative to Republican incumbent Frank Riggs.
Montana: A scrappy Republican tries to cut down a green Democrat
In Montana's race for the House, mud-slinging Republican Rick Hill tackles a charismatic, Democratic Crow Indian, Bill Yellowtail, whose checkered past includes wife-battering.
A conservative legislature may move to the middle
In Montana, Republican Marc Racicot will probably stay governor, although other races could tilt the state back to the middle.
A "down time" for Utah environmentalists
Not many surprises in store for Utah in upcoming elections, analysts say.
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