Republicans tout hemp’s potential
Republicans tout hemp’s potential
The crop could be a lifeline for struggling agricultural communities.
Climate change is making it harder to revive damaged land
Climate change is making it harder to revive damaged land
Instead of restoring the past, ecologists are increasingly focused on the future.
GMO grass is creeping across Oregon
GMO grass is creeping across Oregon
Missteps by agribusiness giants allowed the invasion. Now they’re off the hook for cleanup.
Primrose focus of legal dustup
Environmentalists and ORV groups accuse the BLM of dragging its feet over implementing a plan to protect an endangered flower in California’s Clear Creek Management Area
The allure of the gnarled
It took a while, but the writer eventually came to see the strange, harsh beauty of the gnarled old pinon and juniper trees in Canyon Country
Trees can be just another sacred cow
Only God can make a tree, but anyone can ruin a prairie.
Death Valley wakes up with a bang
The writer drives from Oregon to Death Valley to experience its once-in-a-lifetime wildflower bonanza
Restoring the West, goat by goat
Lani Lamming of Wyoming leases goats to conscientious landowners who have discovered the benefits of organic weed control.
The oldest living thing is a quiet survivor
Shielded in anonymity, the "King Clone," a creosote bush identified as the "oldest living thing on Earth," can be found on a dirt road south of Barstow, Calif., where it continues to keep a low profile about the many benefits of its properties.
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