New Mexico

It’s time for a moratorium on new fossil fuel extraction
It’s time for a moratorium on new fossil fuel extraction
Even in states like New Mexico that depend on oil revenue, the costs outweigh the benefits.
Interview: On negotiating brutality and beauty
Interview: On negotiating brutality and beauty
In his debut collection, poet Jake Skeets summons beauty through darkness.
How Big Rec chooses its public-lands battles
How Big Rec chooses its public-lands battles
Outdoor industry giants stood up for Bears Ears. Why won’t they stand up for the Borderlands?
The great New Mexican juniper massacre
The great New Mexican juniper massacre
On public land in New Mexico, firewood-hunters have illegally cut down hundreds of old-growth juniper trees, much to the dismay of the Bureau of Land Management and environmental activists.
Troubled Taos, torn apart by a battle over historic Hispano land grants
Troubled Taos, torn apart by a battle over historic Hispano land grants
A New Mexican town known for its art scene is home to a fractured community, where distrust of Anglo newcomers plays out in a fight over whether ancient deeds give Hispano old-timers a right to land.
Fire on the mountain
Fire on the mountain
A New Mexican watches Whitewater-Baldy fire burn the Gila National Forest, and even as it changes a place she loves, her ecologist self cheers it on.
Carrots for conservation
Incentive-based, voluntary conservation agreements help imperiled species in New Mexico
County kickbacks
County kickbacks
Western rural county governments often rely heavily on federal funding.
Riparian restoration guru
Bill Zeedyk lets the water do the work
The red, white and blue of ‘red or green?’
New Mexico’s traditional chile industry faces hot competition from global producers
John Nichols and his 19th miracle
Writer John Nichols is still fighting the good fight in Taos, N.M.
Mirroring the maquila boom
Santa Teresa, N.M., hopes to build its sluggish economy by attracting industrial suppliers for the factories just across the border in Mexico
Two weeks in the West
James M. Doohan heads to final frontier (briefly) from New Mexico’s spaceport; northern spotted owls in trouble again; Veterans Conservation Corps; drugged up and rehabbing in the West
Too much can be asked of a river
Laura Paskus lives a mile and a half from the Rio Grande, a river which shares a dubious distinction with India’s Ganges and China’s Yangze: The three are among the Top Ten most endangered rivers on the planet.
Harvesting the sky
Thirsty Santa Fe, N.M., considers an innovative law requiring all new buildings to install rainwater-harvesting systems.
The Gila's Monster
Along the upper Gila in New Mexico, conservationists and the state squabble over managing the river's water.
New Mexico’s water rebel
Albuquerque water developer Bill Turner, a board member of the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District, is often described as the bane of the district as well.
Confessions of a Methane Floozy
An environmentalist who owns royalty interest in New Mexico oil and gas wells heads down to the San Juan Basin to talk to rancher Tweeti Blancett, driller Tom Dugan and others about the moral complexities inherent in Americans’ energy use
Peace Breaks Out In New Mexico's Forests
In northern New Mexico, the Collaborative Forest Restoration Program brings Hispanic loggers and Anglo environmentalists together to work on creating healthy, sustainable forests and rural economies
The Fourth Wave
With uranium prices rising, speculators are looking anew at busted mining towns like Jeffrey City, Wyo., but locals have learned to be skeptical
Land deal, New Mexico style
In booming Albuquerque, N.M., the former Atrisco Land Grant – now the Westland Development Corporation – wants to sell land to developers, but not all the land grant heirs are pleased with the prospect
Solar companies roll the dice
Two new companies have proposed building the largest solar power plant in the world near Deming, N.M.
Repo Manic
The author takes a disconcerting journey with a repo-man friend to repossess a car somewhere in Navajo Country
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