Navajo Nation

The end of an era on the Colorado Plateau
The closing down of the Mohave Generating Station and the Black Mesa Mine are both a victory for environmentalists and Indian water activists, and an economic catastrophe for the Hopi and Navajo nations
Rangeland Revival
Rangeland Revival
The Quivira Coalition wants to bring peace and prosperity to the West’s public grazing lands, but some critics question whether the collaboration-based group can accomplish its goals. Also in this issue: The Navajo Nation is wrangling over the benefits – and dangers – of the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant in northwestern New Mexico.
Pollution for jobs: a fair trade?
The Navajo Nation is wrangling over the benefits – and dangers – of the proposed Desert Rock Power Plant in northwestern New Mexico
Navajos put more than 17 million acres off-limits
The Navajo Nation has banned uranium mining on the reservation, but that may not stop an already-approved mining project
Journey to the bottom of Navajo Lake
As drought lowers the level of New Mexico’s Navajo Reservoir, Jose "Ed" Marquez visits the site of his former hometown, Los Arboles, destroyed when the area was flooded in the late 1950s
Is the Southwest’s ‘last real stinker’on its last legs?
The possibility that the Mohave Generating Station could shut down delights Southwestern environmentalists, but worries the Navajo and Hopi tribes economically dependent on the plant
The tangled messages of a servicewoman killed incombat
The death of Lori Piestewa, a young Hopi woman killed in combat in Iraq, has brought both grief and pride to the close-knit Navajo and Hopi communities
On Black Mesa, the natives make a comeback
In Arizona, Peabody Western Coal is working with Navajo and Hopi Indians to reclaim its coal mines using culturally valuable native plants
Nation’s largest tribe keeps casinos out
The Navajo Nation has said no to legalized gambling, but under Arizona’s new Proposition 202, the tribe may benefit from gambling on other reservations
The Colorado River’s sleeping giant stirs
The Navajo Nation wants to start receiving its long-withheld share of the Colorado River’s water
Closing the loop
On the Navajo Reservation, Indigenous Community Enterprises is using thinned small trees from fire-prone, overgrown forests to build hogans for housing - and the tribal economy as well.
Corruption and tragic history paralyze range reform on the Navajo reservation
Drought is having catastrophic impacts on the Navajo Reservation, but past history and current politics keep grazing reform from happening.
Not your average beauty queen
A profile of 24-year-old Rachel Benally shows a vibrant young woman whose family life is in bright contrast to the often-grim statistics about youth problems in the Navajo Reservation.
Uranium haunts the Colorado Plateau
Hydro Resources, Inc. wants to open three new uranium mines near Crownpoint, N.M., but opponents on and off the nearby Navajo Reservation say the mines threaten groundwater and human health.
Navajos may say no to nuclear waste
While Congress argues over whether Yucca Mountain, Nev., will store nuclear waste by 2003, Navajo activists urge the reservation to become a "nuclear-free" zone and forbid the waste to be transported across it.
A Nevada power plant earns itself a lawsuit
The Mohave Generating Plant in southern Nevada is blamed for much of the air pollution that shrouds Grand Canyon, but the plant's owners say cleaning it up will force the plant to close and lay off Navajo workers.
Navajo president forced to resign
Navajo President Albert Hale resigns in the face of up to 50 criminal counts.
Fake healers plague Navajo Nation
Navajo traditional healers are at a loss to halt the problem of charlatans claiming to be the medicine men on the reservation.
Navajo tribe embarks on a long-term cleanup
The Navajo Nation tries to come to terms with a growing garbage problem that has led to numerous illegal dumps on the reservation.
Uranium poisons Navajo neighborliness
Local Navajos lead the fight against Hydro Resources Inc.'s plan to leach uranium from groundwater at three sites on or near the Navajo Reservation.
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