Navajo Nation

Navajos form first environmental agency
The land that Harold Tso oversees and the director of the Navajo Nation's Environmental Protection Commission is even more untracked than most environmental ground.
Navajo spoken here
Navajo Nation President Albert Hale orders Head Start programs on the reservation to begin teaching Navajo before English.
A Navajo journalist makes it the hard way
As a child on the Navajo Reservation, George Joe learned how to work hard and never give up in the quest to obtain his goals.
Methadone helped kill Leroy Jackson
An autopsy reveals traces of methadone in Navajo activist Leroy Jackson's blood.
Navajo anti-logging activist found dead
Leroy Jackson, a Navajo environmentalist and anti-logging activist, is found dead under suspicious circumstances.
Navajo Nation bails out timber mill
The Navajo Nation fires remaining workers at its defunct sawmill and bails out Navajo forest products housing.
Two weeks in the West
Hopi and Navajo tribes settle boundary dispute; oil shale returns to western Colorado; Northern Cheyenne open coal reserves to development; judge upholds critical habitat designation for "vernal pools" in California and Oregon; red tree vole wins protecti
Gas well slated for state park
Energen Resources Corp. wants to put a gas well on Navajo State Park in Colorado, near Navajo Lake
The Latest Bounce
New Mexico and the Navajo Nation tackle cattle rustling; details of Vice President Dick Cheney’s Energy Plan won’t be released; "anaerobic digester" in the works to clean up hog-farm waste; Imperial Valley farmers refuse to sell water to San Diego, Calif.
Navajos can't Dine at local diner
RD's Drive-In in Page, Ariz., is facing a federal lawsuit over its policy of not allowing Navajo employees to speak their native language while at work.
An inspiring, devastating story
Land, Wind and Hard Words: A Story of Navajo Activism by John W. Sherry tells the story of the Navajo grassroots environmental group Dine CARE and the dedicated small group of people who founded it, 10 years ago.
Tony Hillerman's Navajoland
In Tony Hillerman’s Navajoland, Laurance D. Linford provides an obsessively detailed guide to the world of Hillerman’s Leaphorn and Chee Navajo mysteries
For the love of spoons
Navajo silversmithing is the subject of a book, "Navajo Spoons," by Cindra Kline, exploring Indian artistry and the souvenir trade.
Navajo leader sentenced
Navajo tribal chairman Peter MacDonald is sentenced to 14 years for his role in a riot that left two dead.
Navajo role model
Diné CARE, the group monitoring environmental issues on the Navajo Nation, hires Christine Benally as its new director.
Tribe takes on toxic waste
The Navajo Nation creates its own version of Superfund
Navajo archaeologist honored
Chancey Naboyia, the first known Navajo archaeologist, retires from the National Park Service.
The Wayward West
NW Forest Plan not saving owls; logging planned for beetle-infested forests in Wash. and Idaho; Canadian company to drill for oil on Blackfeet Reservation; Montana press secretary Andrew Malcolm to work for Bush campaign; Navajo Nation sues Peabody Coal.
A new Navajo newspaper
New monthly newspaper Dineh Tribune becomes fourth major paper for Navajo Nation.
Who will lead the Navajo Nation?
Six candidates for Navajo Nation presidency are running for the August primary.
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