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Close encounters with the bear kind
Close encounters with the bear kind
The very places that attract visitors and newcomers for their proximity to wildlife grapple with a spike in bear-human incidents.
Potato living; safe landings; swarms at the bend
Potato living; safe landings; swarms at the bend
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
Interior Department border deployments are mired in secrecy
Interior Department border deployments are mired in secrecy
Law enforcement agents guarding wildlife refuges have been sent to the border, leaving public lands more exposed.
The Latest Bounce
Who rewrote Park Service’s management policies?; judge permits building of U.S.-Mexico border fence; Superintendent David Hunsaker leaves Utah’s Escalante National Monument; judge says Forest Service blew his ruling out of proportion
Business booster still guides national park rules
Conservationists fear that the new National Park Service management policy will reduce environmental protection at the expense of commercial interests
Blood spills over a $14 camping fee
In the wake of a confrontation over a camping fee that ended in a tourist’s death, a former park ranger remembers a frightening incident from his own career
To Save the Wild Bison
In To Save the Wild Bison, Mary Ann Franke traces the controversial history of Yellowstone National Park’s wild bison herd
Revealed — secret changes to park rules
The Park Service lands in hot water when Deputy Assistant Interior Secretary Paul Hoffman secretly rewrites the agency’s management manual, and the revision is leaked to the press
Park ranger presides over the meeting of heaven and earth
A Colorado park ranger takes note of a growing practice: scattering the ashes of the dead on publicly owned land
How Delicate Arch was saved by bureaucratic stonewalling
The writer says Delicate Arch barely escaped a glue-based makeover
Mountain bike association wheels into national parks
The National Park Service has agreed to explore opening some of the parks to mountain biking
You don’t need a motor to experience Yellowstone
The writer takes issue with Interior Secretary Gale Norton for seeing only motors when she tours Yellowstone National Park
Anasazi outpost dodges the drill
Hovenweep National Monument in remote southeastern Utah narrowly escapes an attempt to lease nearby land for oil and gas drilling
Lawsuits swarm around Yellowstone snowmobiles
As soon as the National Park Service announced its new snowmobile rules – which slightly reduce the number of vehicles allowed in Yellowstone and Grand Teton – lawsuits began flying from both sides of the political divide
Park police chief canned for candidness
U.S. Park Police Chief Teresa Chambers is reprimanded, and then fired, after she speaks openly about the Park Service’s budget problems
National parks pinching pennies
Former Park Service workers say the agency is being hurt by budget cuts, but that employees are under orders from headquarters to hide the problems
When does our garbage become archaeology?
The writer explores garbage on public lands and wonders what makes some of it archaeological treasures
One national park could tell the truth about the West
The West’s endless tug-of-war between scenery and resources is brought into dramatic focus at Colorado’s Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
One national park could tell the truth about the West
The writer sees an object lesson in a national park that has a "dual, if not dueling" mission
Park Service wilderness in disarray
National Park Service wilderness coordinator Jim Walters resigns in frustration over the agency’s neglect of wilderness, after the superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks allows helicopters in wilderness areas
Park expansion threatened
In South Dakota, Wind Cave National Park has been trying to purchase the neighboring Casey Ranch, but approval of the sale has stalled in Congress, and now the ranch is for sale on the open market
More helicopters to buzz Glacier Park
Park managers plan to increase the number of agency helicopter and airplane flights over Glacier National Park this summer
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