Wildfire escape routes? There’s (almost) an app for that.
Wildfire escape routes? There’s (almost) an app for that.
Scientists are using crowdsourced data to help firefighters flee dangerous flames.
Designing for access in outdoor spaces doesn’t mean paving pathways
Designing for access in outdoor spaces doesn’t mean paving pathways
A reckoning with assumptions about who wants to spend time in nature.
How recreation boosts the economy
How recreation boosts the economy
From travelers to new residents, outdoor enthusiasts make an impact on the West’s bottom lines.
Clean coal is an oxymoron
Clean coal is an oxymoron
Greg Gordon says Montana's governor, Brian Schweitzer, may sound like a populist, but he's beholden to King Coal.
Nailing down the heart of Montana
Nailing down the heart of Montana
Cathy Moser searches for the heart of Montana, once rumored to be located directly underneath Mrs. Dockery’s Lewistown kitchen sink.
Bears saved from the 'burbs
Finding room for grizzly bears through the Montana Legacy Project.
Regulating the river
Montana counties set streamside setbacks
A Montana rancher stands his ground against subdivision
An 86-year-old lifelong rancher named Vernon Gliko is donating his entire 1,800-acre Montana ranch as a conservation easement.
Heard around the West
Jim Stiles asks about perfect moments; rent-a-pet; Douglas Bruce behaves like a jerk; Forest Service meeting gets nasty in Montana.
In Montana, a festival of light
In the depths of a dark Montana winter, Rebecca Stanfel lights the Hanukah candles and rejoices in being Jewish.
Mystery in Montana
Deirdre McNamer’s new novel, Red Rover, beautifully captures the unromantic realism of Montana’s small towns.
Are tomorrow’s ghost towns sprouting today?
Alan Kesselheim wonders if rising gas prices and global warming will one day turn our sprawling suburbs into empty ghost towns.
Tomorrow’s ghost towns are sprouting today
Alan Kesselheim wonders if rising gas prices and the threat of global warming will one day turn today’s sprawling suburbs into the future’s ghost towns.
Lost in the Land of the Ugly Stepsister
Great Falls, Mont., suffers from the Ugly Stepsister Syndrome, a cognitive disorder that makes it willing to trade a Lewis and Clark historic landmark for a dirty coal-fired power plant
Battle line on the northern border
U.S. officials, federal agencies, and even Condoleezza Rice are trying to stop a Canadian coal mine near Montana's Flathead Basin.
Tripping over T-Rex
Paleontologist Bob Harmon loves nothing better than digging for old bones under the hot Montana sun
Water is definitely for fighting in Montana
Rob Breeding calls stream access one of the most contentious water issues in his state.
Down but not out in Missoula, Montana
Kathryn Socie works two jobs and still can’t afford to buy a house in Missoula, but she believes that her life in Montana is well worth the sacrifice it takes.
Two weeks in the West
Cross-country skiers and snowmobilers clash over access to Logan Canyon, Utah; Mount Jefferson, Mont.; and (of course) Yellowstone; Forest Service Chief Dale Bosworth steps down to be replaced by Gail Kimbell; West becomes player in national politics; bor
Shear Pleasure
A photo essay follows Matt Smith and the other New Zealanders who make up the company Shear Pleasure as they travel Montana, visiting sheep ranches, shearing sheep, and drinking hard at the end of the day
Crafting the everyday
Janet Finn and Ellen Crain tell the history of Butte, Mont., from the viewpoint of its women in Motherlode: Legacies of Women’s Lives and Labors in Butte, Montana.
Spinning coal into gasoline
Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is eager to build a synfuels plant to turn coal into diesel, but it will neither easy nor cheap to make gas gasification a reality in the West
Will Montanans reject their bagman?
Even Montanans critical of Sen. Conrad Burns admit he’s a genius at bringing home the pork – a fact that may make it harder for his Democratic challenger, Jon Tester, in the November election.
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