Feds give Navajo uranium contract to firm with sketchy past
Feds give Navajo uranium contract to firm with sketchy past
A High Country News investigation finds the EPA awarded Tetra Tech a contract despite knowing its subsidiary had likely engaged in data manipulation, false reporting and profiteering.
What are wild burros doing to Death Valley?
What are wild burros doing to Death Valley?
New research suggests that the introduced wild donkeys may benefit native species, but the National Park Service wants to remove them.
The prospect of more Airbnbs tempts a struggling New Mexico town
The prospect of more Airbnbs tempts a struggling New Mexico town
Vacation rentals have gutted the culture of nearby communities, but a new project in Questa flips the narrative.
We need to store fat from the gas-feeding frenzy
The writer urges Western states to seize the moment and make the most of the gas bonanza that is enriching private companies
Pombo’s plan to privatize the West must be stopped
The writer asks all those who love the West’s open spaces to oppose a bill privatizing federal mining claims
Public-lands agenda turns more radical, urgent
Rep. Richard Pombo has inserted a provision in the House budget bill that will reform United States mining law to allow for the selling off of public lands
The Great Salt Lake's dirty little secret
Utah’s Great Salt Lake is loaded with mercury, and scientists are trying to figure out whether Nevada’s gold mines are part of the problem
Tales of Colorado's high-elevation tailings
In Leadville: The Struggle to Revive an American Town, Gillian Klucas describes the history and the current environmental and economic struggles of the old mining town of Leadville, Colo.
Nevada BLM cleans out cleanup project manager
Earle Dixon says the Bureau of Land Management fired him because he tried to enforce environmental and public safety laws in the course of the Yerington Mine cleanup in Nevada
Digging through the dust of Libby
Journalist Andrea Peacock chronicles the tragic story of Libby, Mont., and its betrayal by the W.R. Grace Corp. in Libby, Montana: Asbestos and the Deadly Silence of an American Corporation
There’s a way to end the RS 2477 road mess
Colorado Democratic Rep. Mark Udall urges support for his bill that would settle the RS 2477 road issue once and for all.
Like Butte, a lonely dog hangs on
A mysterious, mangy, half-wild dog known locally as "The Auditor" has made the moonscape of the Butte’s Berkeley Pit his home for 16 years, hanging on to life as stubbornly as the town of Butte itself.
Out of the darkness
When Paonia, Colo., resident Richard Rudin challenged a local mine's plans for expansion, the town was painfully divided, until the efforts of the North Fork Coal Working Group brought miners, environmentalists and agencies together for a solution.
1995: Did toxic stew cook the goose?
The deaths of 342 migrating snow geese in Montana's Berkeley Pit are blamed on the pit's toxicity by environmentalists, although the mine disputes it.
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