Fabulous flab; reefer madness; unsportmanslike conduct
Fabulous flab; reefer madness; unsportmanslike conduct
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
One Inuit family’s life, straddling national borders
One Inuit family’s life, straddling national borders
Across the Beaufort Sea, Bruce Inglangasak’s 350-mile journey home.
Interior is undoing a legacy of national park stewardship in Alaska
Interior is undoing a legacy of national park stewardship in Alaska
Unethical killing of bears and wolves is not responsible wildlife management.
Getting the lead out
Condor 134’s harrowing experience with lead poisoning exemplifies these endangered birds’ greatest challenge – which some advocates hope to ease by banning lead bullets in California
Idaho's permissiveness leads to elk on the lam
The escape of 100 domestic elk from self-styled mountain man Rex Rammell’s Idaho game farm shows up the foolishness of the state’s permissive attitude toward the industry
A deliberate life in the Rockies
On the Wild Edge is David Peterson’s account of the two decades he and his wife, Caroline, have spent living close to nature in a cabin in the mountains of southern Colorado
Lion plan draws heat from scientists, enviros
The Oregon state Department of Fish and Wildlife wants to cut mountain lion numbers by as much as 40 percent over the next five years
In hunting camp, the closet is closed
A "gay, wolf-loving, tree-hugging former Marine" writes about Brokeback Mountain, elk hunting, and his own lifelong experience with shame and prejudice
Dr. Sharon and the lion hunters
Small-animal veterinarian Sharon Senezcko has become a fierce advocate for South Dakota’s mountain lions
It’s true: Guns don’t kill people
It’s true: Guns don’t kill people
The writer says Vice President Cheney’s gun "accident" is a mischaracterization
Hunters could free Yellowstone bison
The writer decries the state-sponsored slaughter of Yellowstone’s bison and calls on hunters to get political
The Killing Fields
The first bison hunt in 15 years was supposed to offer hope for a reasonable solution to Yellowstone’s ‘buffalo problem,’ but a lifelong hunter who watched it says the senseless slaughter continues.
What’s the NRA’s beef with roadless areas?
A hunter and member of the National Rifle Association is angry at the way the group puts gun ownership above roadless areas, wildlife, and hunting
Bison aren’t Buicks, and other dangerous beliefs
The writer says bison aren’t Buicks and neither are domestic cows
Let’s hunt wild bison instead of plugging them where they stand
The writer says real hunters only want to shoot "wild" bison
Bring on that old lanky dog (and be sure to eat the elk)
The writer is a veterinarian who sees the need to cull the elk herd at Rocky Mountain National Park. His solution: Wolves
Presidential candidates try to look svelte in blaze orange
The writer is amused by the blaze-orange posturing of both candidates for president
Are mountain lions in danger of disappearing?
Disappearing habitat and an increase in hunting quotas based on politics and guesswork are threatening the stability of mountain lion populations in the West.
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