Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West is a longstanding High Country News column that captures obscure and absurd tidbits and stories from around the region. Email the editor of Heard, Tiffany Midge, with photos and news tips: [email protected].

Black bears named "Blue," pink Chinese dust
Pollution from Beijing could encourage Sierra snowpack
Hollywood turns wolves into man-killers
Movie makers hurt the cause of wolves; Las Vegas cabbies take prisoners for tips
Winning the wildfire jackpot
D.C. officials place bets on how many acres will burn; the car chase of his dreams
Ready-made solar houses
Homes built to generate electricity, stopping Salt Lake sprawl, the drug game
The warming properties of greenbacks
A lost snowshoer survives by burning bills; flirting in Fargo
No ski for you
After a skier complains, Montana Snowbowl refuses to sell him tickets; wacky words of Arizona politicians
China hearts cowboys
Jackson Hole moves to Asia, and a border security newspaper
Do not sink teeth into animal testicles
Of testosterone-fueled idiots, rule-breaking officials, and laws for a good life
All I want for Christmas is a rifle
Gun photos with Santa, dueling grizzlies
Deer smugglers and avocado thieves
Texans smuggle in big-antlered deer to mix with their herds, an avocado thief; Peruvian sheep terrorists
The joys of 'virtual hiking'
Who needs the outdoors anyway? Also, how to sell your husband
When a bear drives a Prius
Plus a wild wolf encounter and imposter journalism
"Wear a condom now, save the spotted owl"
Human population control for wildlife, and the proud homeless of Moab
Bringing it home, keeping it wild
Offshore jobs return to Idaho; bear-attracting neighbors meet the Lake Tahoe Wall of Shame
Of things falling
RVs and phone books, for example
Guns, wolves, and graves
A politically incorrect gun raffle, a howling wolf hunt, and how to compost yourself
Surfing on a shark
And the manliness of mining
Taking scissors to a dam
And "the hottest event of the year that no one will attend"
Of Segways and stickshifts
Cops in Montana test a new pursuit vehicle. Wyoming carjackers forget how to drive
'Never again'
Wyoming interpretive center opens to promote learning from Japanese internment experience.
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