Heard Around the West

Heard Around the West is a longstanding section in the High Country News print edition that captures obscure and absurd tidbits and stories from around the region. Email the editor of Heard, Betsy Marston, with photos and news tips: betsym at hcn.org.

Don't eat the yellow snow
And more oddities from Heard around the West
Tonopah, Nev. and its "Fighting Muckers"
And more oddities from Heard around the West
A twittering elk in Boulder
And more oddities from Heard around the West
Sign-hating Californians
And more oddities from Heard around the West
A coyote chorus
Nieman Marcus high end chicken coops
Deer assaults
Reporter assaults too
Portlandia, Utah?
Concealed weapons at the University of Colorado
Salazar's horse sensitivity
Election crazies in Arizona
Pussycat kill kill!
Bird-killers run amok
Western Colorado wingnuts?
Church attendance incentives
China and coal
Too many electric car drivers in Colorado
Zombies and zombees
People are still feeding bears, too
National Park air fresheners
Hipster beards and hallucinating pot growers
Death Valley wins heat contest
Surprising football love in Northern California
Snakes and guns
Hunting wildlife with silencers and pythons
Bobcat kittens fall in love with firefighters
And Portland toilet dedications
Fraudulent corn robberies
And Las Vegas bull escapes
Bloodsuckers in California
Also, Russian wildland terrorists and ground squirrel invaders
Dark days for bovines
And for prairie dogs, too
Wildlife-tracking drones
And sheep with heart monitors
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