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Extinction looms for southern California’s mountain lions
Extinction looms for southern California’s mountain lions
A new study presents a choice: Allow the big cats to vanish in 50 years — or build modest wildlife corridors.
New Mexico’s ‘mini’ Green New Deal, dissected
New Mexico’s ‘mini’ Green New Deal, dissected
The Energy Transition Act could be a model for ambitious policies of the future.
Push for renewables vexes Western power supplier
Push for renewables vexes Western power supplier
Tri-State’s future looks less than bright unless it can keep up with the times.
Columbia Basin plan staggers home
The Interior Columbia Basin Ecosystem Management Project - a pioneer attempt to adopt a strategy for 75 million acres of public land in the Northwest - has so far achieved little but its own survival in the face of Republican attacks.
Locals learn the value of a good view
Developers' desire to build two subdivisions on private land within Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area stirs up trouble between landowners and the Forest Service.
Whiskey Peak: Great air, deteriorating ground
Wyoming's Whiskey Peak, popular with hang-gliders, ranchers, wildlife and others, faces difficult decisions on which roads to close and which to improve for access.
Ted Turner makes a deal
Media mogul Ted Turner trades school trust lands for privacy in Montana.
New Mexico environmentalists lease state lands
In New Mexico, Forest Guardians and the Southwest Environmental Center succeed in winning a bid for a tract of state land on the Rio Puerco River.
BLM fills a hot job
The BLM appoints Jerry Meredith to manage the newly created, controversial Grand-Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Utah.
Utah counties bulldoze the BLM, Park Service
Utah county commissioners in San Juan, Garfield and Kane counties bulldoze illegal roads into BLM and Park Service lands, including wilderness study areas and the new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.
Colorado voters decide fate of 3 million acres
Colorado's Amendment 16 would allow state school trust lands to be managed for values other than money - and some fear that would mean harm to Colorado school budgets.
Two reports set the stage for Sierra Nevada's future
Reviews of "Sierra Nevada Ecosystem Project Report" and "Sierra Nevada Wealth Index."
Marvel wins a round
The Idaho Supreme Court rules that the State Land Board erred in granting a grazing lease to a Challis rancher who had been outbid by anti-grazing activist Jon Marvel.
State lands: money isn't everything
Colorado Gov. Roy Romer drafts a ballot initiative to force the state land board to consider long-term stewardship and protection of state-owned lands.
Arizona state land opens for conservation
The new Arizona Preserve Initiative allows conservationists to lease state lands, but only those within a three-mile radius of major cities.
Phoenix will try to save desert wash
Arizona tells the city of Phoenix that it must come up with $25 million to preserve the nearby state-owned Cave Creek Wash.
Rebels without a case
A U.S. District Court strikes down Nye County, Nevada's ordinance claiming county ownership of all public lands in its borders.
They did it themselves
Federal employees and outside experts under the auspices of AFSEEE develop a management plan for the Columbia Basin - a volunteer effort that cost taxpayers nothing.
Land Board bias questioned
Idaho environmentalists fight with the state Land Board over leasing parcels for conservation instead of grazing and win a court victory.
Ranchers win again
Ranchers win state grazing permits in New Mexico after eight of nine competing bids by environmentalists are rejected by the state.
The disagreement is total
Would-be miner Ron Pene and the BLM disagree on Westwater Canyon's wilderness.
Is another senator backpedaling?
Sportsmen and conservationists criticize Craig Thomas for not considering public access in his bill to turn over BLM land to states.
Report blasts land giveaways
The Natural Resources Defense Council's report "Selling Our Heritage" blasts congressional plans to give away public lands.
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