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The U.S. has become a nation of suburbs
The U.S. has become a nation of suburbs
In the West and elsewhere, suburban areas are growing as cities decline.
Latest: Forest Service report calls for changes in wildfire management
Latest: Forest Service report calls for changes in wildfire management
Increases in timber sales, prescribed burns and thinning projects are needed to save life and property.
‘Organic’ litter is not copacetic
‘Organic’ litter is not copacetic
Even orange peels be damned — don’t toss your food on the trail.
Wheeling and dealing
Land swaps, in which the Forest Service and BLM trade odd parcels of public land for ecologically valuable private land, have a long history in the West, but some say the trades too often profit land spectators at the expense of the public and the land.
The ranch restored: An overworked land comes back to life
In an often bumpy process, the Trout Creek Mountain Working Group tries to bring together environmentalists, ranchers and BLM staffers to find a way to restore the badly overgrazed landscape of southeastern Oregon.
Fun-hogs to replace cows in a Utah monument
On Utah's new Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, a conservation deal will move cattle out of the canyons most popular with hikers and boats, especially along the Escalante River.
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Volunteers are needed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, from trail crew workers to campground hosts.
Agencies seek quieter public meetings
At public hearings on BLM's draft management plan for Utah's Grand Staircase-Escalante Nat'l Monument, the agency has introduced new "town meeting" format which limits comments to written rather than spoken - a change activists deem a blow to democracy.
Land Trusts
A census conducted by the Land Trust Alliance, based in Washington, D.C., reveals a rise in the number of land trusts in the Rocky Mountain West.
Trading away the West
A series of newspaper articles from the Seattle Times scrutinizes recent land trades in the West.
More than pretty parks
"Beyond the National Parks," edited by Mary Tisdale and Bibi Booth, is a guide to BLM public lands in the West.
We can take it
Veterans of the 1930s' Civilian Conservation Corps hold reunions this summer.
Fees please visitors
Land-management agencies say that the new user fees on public land are an "unqualified success" supported by the visitors who are paying them.
To burn or not to burn
The Burning Man arts festival has asked the BLM for permission for another desert arts gathering to be held Labor Day in the Nevada desert.
Oil clashes with elk in the Book Cliffs
Utah's remote and little known Book Cliffs area seemed ripe for preservation under an innovative, locally grown initiative - until oilman Oscar Wyatt stepped in to challenge it.
Colorado BLM going wild?
The BLM announces that an additional 167,000 acres of western Colorado's roadless public lands are eligible for wilderness status.
Counties want to develop public land
In Washington's Skamania County, pressure is building to get public lands in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area back into private hands.
Managing scenery, wildlife and humans
Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area has long seen trouble between the Forest Service and private inholders, and manager Paul Ries is on the hot seat for trying to protect the area.
On the offensive: developer Tom Chapman
Developer Thomas E. Chapman has earned notoriety - and a lot of money - buying, selling and trading wilderness inholdings in Colorado.
Private rights vs. public lands
Private rights vs. public lands
A ranching family's desire to develop a road to an inholding in Arizona's Arrastra Mounain Wilderness is a microcosm of the huge and unwieldy problem of inholdings on public lands throughout the West.
Haggling over the Grand Staircase-Escalante
Conoco gives up on oil well in Utah's Grand Staircase, but the state School Trust Lands board is insisting that its land - checkerboarded through the monument - must be managed to earn money for the schools, and that may involve oil and gas drilling.
Mountain bikers in Moab pay to ride
The Moab area BLM started charging recreationists user fees several years ago, when mountain biking in Utah began to grow out of control.
Paying to play in the Sawtooths
For the first time ever, it costs to hike in Idaho's Sawtooth National Recreation Area, but many users are forgetting or refusing to pay the $2 a day fee.
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