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California voted to keep affirmative action ban in place
California voted to keep affirmative action ban in place
It’s a setback, but students have been fighting to diversify their college campuses for years.
Getting schooled in conservation
Getting schooled in conservation
In Colorado’s Four Corners, experiential approaches to education connect high school students to each other and the land.
Small towns, big change
In the Mountain West, building rural communities to last presents complex challenges: How to foster a robust economy and good jobs; healthy families and well-educated children; thriving forests and clean water; and a high quality of life for all citizens? How can this region prepare for inevitable change without sacrificing what makes it so special? Over the next six months, seven news organizations in Colorado and New Mexico, including High Country News, will explore these urgent questions, surfacing threats to the long-term health of the region's small towns — and examining promising responses.
The Montana Gap
Small towns under the Big Sky address challenges to secure their future, as centers boom.
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National stories told locally.
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