Am I an invasive species?
Am I an invasive species?
How COVID-19 and ‘murder hornets’ compelled a writer to rethink invasions.
Heartache, compounded
Heartache, compounded
After her son’s death, a writer searches for a path forward through personal and climate grief.
Safe at home in Los Angeles
Safe at home in Los Angeles
Even under restrictions, the city shines for all to see.
Let's not heap injustice upon injustice
San Luis, Colorado, residents continue struggle to reclaim Taylor Ranch.
Owyhee: On the eve of destruction
Bombing range threatens wild land in Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.
Why Why? A stark, no-frills retreat from the world
A look at the Arizona desert town of Why.
Wyoming lawsuit would privatize wildlife
Landowners' suit says they own wildlife on their land.
Grazing: the shape of the future
Environmentalists and ranchers will have to learn to compromise.
Grazing talks split both sides
Both environmentalists and ranchers doubt usefulness of consensus process.
A stark victory in Utah
Court decision reveals how the BLM ignores the land, as well as federal environmental laws.
She wants her colleages to feel free to say: 'Madam Secretary, you're full of crap'
Department of Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary pledges to start cleaning up her agency.
Environmentalists shouldn't have helped force out Dale Robertson
Opinion writer says that former Forest Chief Dale Robertson shouldn't have been replaced by Jack Ward Thomas.
The road to affluence
An essay on the changing nature of affluence in today's economy.
An historic event
An opinion about the ramifications of appointing Jack Ward Thomas as the new chief of the Forest Service.
Grand Central Canyon
The National Park Service weighs the benefits of four management plans limiting numbers within Grand Canyon National Park.
The Mormon heritage is not what you think
Terry Tempest Williams and Thomas J. Lyon remind Sens. Orin Hatch and Robert Bennett that their Mormon ancestors would advocate grazing reform.
The mission continues: Save our oldest trees
A letter written by Navajo activist Leroy Jackson one week before his death defends old-growth trees.
How the auto and airplane teamed up to destroy the Grand Canyon
Bruce Babbitt's plan to alleviate overcrowding at Grand Canyon involves eliminating cars, planes and Tusayan, Ariz.
In Montana, Logging Companies Cut, Run and Whine
A critic lambasts Champion Lumber for robbing his home state of its resource.
Is the Gila pasture or wilderness?
A coalition of environmentalists pressures the Forest Service to control grazing and the Diamond Bar Ranch in the Gila Wilderness.
The Forest Service clings to an outmoded ideology
Jack Ward Thomas represents the reform-mindedness the U.S. Forest needs.
An open letter to Judge William Dwyer:
An environmentalist sends a plea to Judge William Dwyer to carefully consider the drawbacks of Option 9 in Clinton's forest plan.
Babbitt inherited a mess; his plan will make it worse
The authors argue that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's Rangeland Reform '94 proposal will do more harm than good.
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