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Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Climate action on public lands would force a reckoning for fossil fuel dependent states and communities.
The fallout of uncertainty in nuclear test communities
The fallout of uncertainty in nuclear test communities
For downwinders of bomb testing, plans for compensation to redress past harms makes for tricky politics.
New Mexico’s economic and energy extraction quagmire
New Mexico’s economic and energy extraction quagmire
‘We’re on a death train, economically.’
Golden opportunity splits rural town
The possible construction of the Crown Jewel mine divides a community in Okanogan County, Wash.
Babbitt seeks local approach to grazing reform
A group of Colorado ranchers and environmentalists tell Bruce Babbitt they can solve grazing reform gridlock.
Seeking Treasure in Butte's trash
Metanetix, Mycotech and other companies see opportunity in cleaning up Butte's Superfund site.
Did Grizzlies fleece rancher?
Wyoming rancher blames a grizzly for his loss of over 200 sheep.
Miners drop 490,000 claims to avoid fees
A mining reform implemented by Congress and enforced by the BLM causes miners to abandon 50 percent of their claims.
Is the Gila pasture or wilderness?
A coalition of environmentalists pressures the Forest Service to control grazing and the Diamond Bar Ranch in the Gila Wilderness.
Senate dukes it out with Babbitt
Western senators and ranchers are trying to kill Babbitt's grazing reform package.
1872 Mining Law comes calling on Sun Valley
The possibility of a new gold mine near Sun Valley ski area in Idaho causes a controversy over land use priorities.
China breaks brief nuclear silence
After China sets off a nuclear device, the U.S. stands ready to resume nuclear testing in Nevada.
Babbitt inherited a mess; his plan will make it worse
The authors argue that Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's Rangeland Reform '94 proposal will do more harm than good.
Colorado gets tougher on oil firms
Colorado Director of Natural Resources, Ken Salazar, attempts to tighten regulations for oil and gas drilling in eastern Colorado, despite farmers' criticism that reforms fall short
Lost money in Utah
The BLM comes under fire from the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance for misplacing $1.2 million in grazing fees.
Showdown on the range
Legislators will decide the fate of Bruce Babbitt's Rangeland Reform "94 package.
Home Improvement
Homeowner tells his tale of woe when trying to upgrade his furnace efficiency.
Ranchers block public land in Wyoming
Ranchers block hunter access to a federal grazing allotment in Wyoming despite a BLM mandate.
The vagaries of western mine reclamation
A "Review of Hardrock Mine Reclamation Practices in Western States' by Ann Kersten and Susan Lynn provides technical background for mining law reform.
Lighthawk patrols mining
The environmental air-force, Lighthawk, is available to fly journalists, activists and politicians over mines to rally support for reform of the 1872 Mining Law.
State sues miners
Colorado sues the owners of a Mid-Continent resources for failing to reclaim coal mine near Redstone, Colo.
Wyoming hikes grazing fees
The Wyoming Board of Land Commissioners hikes grazing fees despite criticicsm from Sen. Malcolm Wallop.
The public process
Congress will select a conference committee to negotiate a compromise mining bill.
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