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Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Can Western states afford to break the boom-and-bust cycle?
Climate action on public lands would force a reckoning for fossil fuel dependent states and communities.
The fallout of uncertainty in nuclear test communities
The fallout of uncertainty in nuclear test communities
For downwinders of bomb testing, plans for compensation to redress past harms makes for tricky politics.
New Mexico’s economic and energy extraction quagmire
New Mexico’s economic and energy extraction quagmire
‘We’re on a death train, economically.’
Cows are evicted from Utah
Judge finds BLM defied the law in administering Comb Wash grazing permit
Reform was killed by "100 peacocks in heat"
Senate doesn't represent popular opinion, Brant Calkin charges
Tiny reporter at a small paper writes a big story
Eileen Welsome uncovers records of plutonium experiments on humans
Turmoil on the range
Bruce Babbitt endorses a consensus grazing reform proposal developed in Colorado.
Nevada mine wants to grow
The Independence Mining Co. says the 1872 Mining Law entitles it to double the size of its gold mine north of Elko.
Little support for public-land ranchers
A public opinion poll shows widespread disapproval of current range policies.
Methane creates an explosive situation in Colorado
Residents of methane-polluted residential areas blame the problem on natural gas companies.
Mid-Continent mine dispute continues
The federal Office of Surface Mining says Colorado underestimated the cost and extent of reclaiming the Mid-Continent mine site near Redstone, Colo.
Wyoming beats around the bush
A Wyoming law relaxing mined land reclamation standards could cost the state federal funding and regulatory authority.
Mining reform moves closer
The House of Represenatives passes a bill to reform the 1872 Mining Law.
Jobs flow to WIPP
The Department of Energy announces it will add 68 jobs to the $8 billion Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.
Congress halts MRS grants
Department of Energy limits MRS grants to counties or Indian tribes which agree to accept high-level nuclear waste.
Groups say rich ranchers get free ride
Environmental groups charge that BLM land is overgrazed by cattle owned by Hewlett-Packard electronics moguls.
All about pesticides
The Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticide Reform publishes the "Journal of Pesticide Reform'.
A silver lining
University of Montana economist Thomas Michael Power says the mining reform bill proposed by Rep. Nick Rahall will help the West economically.
Begging for windmills
Public Service Company of Colorado is asking its customers to pay an additional fee to research renewable energy sources.
Utah fights Umetco
Utahns urge Colorado Gov. Romer not to allow Umetco to dump radioactive waste at Uravan, Colo.
Wyoming ranch changes hands
Ownership of the Red Canyon Ranch in Wyoming will be transferred to The Nature Conservancy.
Epidemic isn't over
Hantavirus is still a potent epidemic in many western states.
The Mormon heritage is not what you think
Terry Tempest Williams and Thomas J. Lyon remind Sens. Orin Hatch and Robert Bennett that their Mormon ancestors would advocate grazing reform.
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