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Public lands top Rep. Debra Haaland’s agenda
Public lands top Rep. Debra Haaland’s agenda
One of the first Native American women elected to Congress is fighting fossil fuel development on ‘the most pristine and beautiful places in our country.’
The hidden consequences of New Mexico’s latest oil boom
The hidden consequences of New Mexico’s latest oil boom
Carlsbad residents are experiencing health impacts, but the science behind their woes lags behind the pace of drilling.
Will the Trump administration boost uranium?
Will the Trump administration boost uranium?
Energy industry lobbying could lead to more mining from Bears Ears to Wyoming.
Yucca Mountain's fault
Geological fault cuts through Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site.
Back at the ranch
BLM raises grazing fees 12 cents.
State land lease in Idaho goes to the low bidder
Idaho Watersheds Project loses bid for public land to ranchers Will and Vangie Ingram.
Grazing: the shape of the future
Environmentalists and ranchers will have to learn to compromise.
Grazing talks split both sides
Both environmentalists and ranchers doubt usefulness of consensus process.
Agency ends cattle grazing at Idaho refuges
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ends grazing at two wildlife refuges
Babbitt has a bad day in New Mexico
Bruce Babbitt tries to preach consensus to ranchers and environmentalists at star-crossed meeting.
A stark victory in Utah
Court decision reveals how the BLM ignores the land, as well as federal environmental laws.
Cows are evicted from Utah
Judge finds BLM defied the law in administering Comb Wash grazing permit
Reform was killed by "100 peacocks in heat"
Senate doesn't represent popular opinion, Brant Calkin charges
Tiny reporter at a small paper writes a big story
Eileen Welsome uncovers records of plutonium experiments on humans
Turmoil on the range
Bruce Babbitt endorses a consensus grazing reform proposal developed in Colorado.
Nevada mine wants to grow
The Independence Mining Co. says the 1872 Mining Law entitles it to double the size of its gold mine north of Elko.
Little support for public-land ranchers
A public opinion poll shows widespread disapproval of current range policies.
Methane creates an explosive situation in Colorado
Residents of methane-polluted residential areas blame the problem on natural gas companies.
Mid-Continent mine dispute continues
The federal Office of Surface Mining says Colorado underestimated the cost and extent of reclaiming the Mid-Continent mine site near Redstone, Colo.
Wyoming beats around the bush
A Wyoming law relaxing mined land reclamation standards could cost the state federal funding and regulatory authority.
Mining reform moves closer
The House of Represenatives passes a bill to reform the 1872 Mining Law.
Jobs flow to WIPP
The Department of Energy announces it will add 68 jobs to the $8 billion Waste Isolation Pilot Plant in New Mexico.
Congress halts MRS grants
Department of Energy limits MRS grants to counties or Indian tribes which agree to accept high-level nuclear waste.
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