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Latest: Supreme Court upholds Grand Canyon uranium mining ban
Latest: Supreme Court upholds Grand Canyon uranium mining ban
A twenty-year moratorium on uranium extraction in northern Arizona will stand.
Zinke announces mining ban near Yellowstone
Zinke announces mining ban near Yellowstone
Locals and some conservationists applaud; others cry favoritism by the Montanan.
We traveled 2,000 miles to save Chaco Canyon
We traveled 2,000 miles to save Chaco Canyon
Pueblo historic sites face oil and gas development on unprotected public lands.
Grazing reform: A plan to chew on
Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt's new proposal gives ranchers and environmentalists key roles in grazing reform.
Sun Day
Sun Day festivities planned.
Chevron drops leases
Chevron USA surrenders oil and gas leases in Bridger-Teton National Forest.
Grazing plan springs a leak
Proposed grazing reforms include scaled-back fee increases.
Fast food at fault
Waste from french fry production pollutes wells with nitrates, report says.
Workers need protection
Government study says nuclear cleanup workers' health and safety neglected.
Back to the sun
The New Mexico Home Solar, A Source Book by Ingrid Kelley reviewed.
STOP-M in Oregon
Ballot initiative would require that new mines be started only by companies with clean records.
Miners hope to become subdividers
Mid-Continent Resources wants to develop land to help pay for mine cleanup.
A struggle for the last grass
Gila Watch's Susan Schock leads fight against Diamond Bar grazing allotment.
Public foots DOE bill
Contractors cost DOE millions to defend from class action suits.
Agency reins in Wyoming rancher
Rancher George Salisbury punished for subleasing federal grazing permit.
Chevron gets a go-ahead
Forest Service allows exploratory oil well in Utah's High Uintas Wilderness.
Yucca Mountain's fault
Geological fault cuts through Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site.
Back at the ranch
BLM raises grazing fees 12 cents.
State land lease in Idaho goes to the low bidder
Idaho Watersheds Project loses bid for public land to ranchers Will and Vangie Ingram.
Grazing: the shape of the future
Environmentalists and ranchers will have to learn to compromise.
Grazing talks split both sides
Both environmentalists and ranchers doubt usefulness of consensus process.
Agency ends cattle grazing at Idaho refuges
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service ends grazing at two wildlife refuges
Babbitt has a bad day in New Mexico
Bruce Babbitt tries to preach consensus to ranchers and environmentalists at star-crossed meeting.
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