Ranchers blindsided by Trump’s border  wall
Ranchers blindsided by Trump’s border wall
They built a coalition to protect open space. Now, they’re up against the country’s largest construction project.
Trump’s border wall threatens fish species
Trump’s border wall threatens fish species
The U.S. is skirting conservation laws and withdrawing millions of gallons of groundwater.
The desert gets a biocrust skin graft
The desert gets a biocrust skin graft
Without its cover of living microorganisms, the desert is eroding.
Mexico launches a green offensive
The International Sonoran Desert Alliance hopes, with the cooperation of the U.S. and Mexican governments, to ease some of the problems - many environmental - that tightened border security is causing.
Lawns and pools close in on desert lab
The University of Arizona's Desert Laboratory, a unique desert biological field station, faces the pressure of the city of Tucson's growth and the uncertain future of the land.
While the vultures circle
The writer describes a summer as a "human mule" surveying the Arizona desert, where only the vultures move in the heat.
Naked and marvelous
Kenneth Perry's topographic map of "The Colorado Plateau and its Drainage" is like seeing the West from heaven.
Essayist Ann Ronald and photographer Stephen Trimble celebrate Nevada in the book "Earthtones: A Nevada Album."
Defending the desert
"Defending the Desert: Conserving Biodiversity on BLM Lands in the Southwest" by the Environmental Defense Fund is reviewed.
Save the Sonoran
Group Sonoran North fights development north of Phoenix, Ariz.
At home in the wasteland
The Great Basin is changing from within and becoming a more environmentally enlightened place.
The Great Basin: America's wasteland seeks a new identity
The Great Basin has often been seen as a wasteland, but now new visions are defining the region.
Desert Images
Desert photographs by Phil Lauro.
Real summertime
A review of John Alcock's book, Sonoran Desert Summer.
At last, a California desert bill
California Desert Protection Act nears approval.
On the borderline
United States, Mexico and Tohono O'odham Indians work to preserve the Sonoran Desert.
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