Duwamish Tribe sues Interior in federal court, alleging sex discrimination
Duwamish Tribe sues Interior in federal court, alleging sex discrimination
After decades of back-and-forth with federal authorities, the matrilineal descendants of Chief Seattle want federal recognition, once and for all.
The Navajo Nation’s first economist takes a fresh view on development
The Navajo Nation’s first economist takes a fresh view on development
Alisha Murphy discusses her vision of a robust tribal economy and the importance of community input.
Ashes and silver linings: Marshall Fire survivors reflect
Ashes and silver linings: Marshall Fire survivors reflect
Colorado’s most destructive fire leaves behind grief and slow recoveries.
Deconstructing the rural West
An article by Patrick Jobes in "Western Planner" offers a profoundly pessimistic view of the West's growing amenity towns.
A Montana county unearths a major welfare queen: itself
Republican County Commissioner Adam Dahlman discovers that for every dollar Teton County taxpayers pay, $2.50 comes back from the federal government.
How an ex-clown brought order to a boom town
Former Summit County Commissioner Gene Moser worked to create a state-of-the-art development code for a rapidly growing area.
A 77-year-old cow watcher from Arizona
HCN reader Pauline Sandholdt of Salome, Arizona, is featured in a profile.
Forest forestalls squatters
Jackson, Wyo.'s housing shortage will be worse than usual as Forest Service officials limit camping to five days on forest land in Jackson district.
Booming county looks for trust
Idaho communities learn about land trusts as a possible solution to rapid growth.
Californians talk too much trash
California retirees Ken and Pat Nute alienate neighbors by describing local houses as eyesores and the town as a dump, on a local TV show.
Overstaying their welcome?
A once-quiet hot springs is overwhelmed by visitors after guidebooks tout it.
Critics attack a snow job in Utah
Salt Lake City's expensive bid to host the 2002 Winter Olympics is meeting surprisingly lukewarm opposition from environmentalists.
A place of one's own
"Tips on Land & Water Management for Small Farms and Ranches in Montana" is published.
A last laugh
An exhibit called "The Last Laugh" displays environmental cartoons from all viewpoints.
Montana State University to local environmentalists: Get lost!
Author describes how Montana State University blacklisted him for being the "Ralph Nader of the West."
An in-your-face range scientist
New Mexico State's Jerry Holechek believes public-lands grazing has to be changed at the roots.
The Memo War: 1989-1993
Kamyar Enshayan's views about sustainable agriculture started a four-year "war of memos" on the subject.
Starting a war at Ohio State
Kamyar Enshayan fights the industrialization of agriculture often promoted by land-grant colleges.
The gospel according to Wes Jackson
Geneticist Wes Jackson calls modern agriculture a mistake and offers a blueprint for reform.
Trying to save two of the parts
Lyle McNeal of Utah State devotes himself to bringing back the Navajo's Churro sheep.
Land grants under the microscope
The land-grant university system has been challenged and is slowly beginning to change.
Midnight subdividing creates unsanitary messes
Lax land-use laws and unscrupulous developers create poor, polluted settlements known as colonias in New Mexico.
How does a boom feel?
A video titled "Subdividing the West: Implications of Growth' is available from Colorado State University.
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