Duwamish Tribe sues Interior in federal court, alleging sex discrimination
Duwamish Tribe sues Interior in federal court, alleging sex discrimination
After decades of back-and-forth with federal authorities, the matrilineal descendants of Chief Seattle want federal recognition, once and for all.
The Navajo Nation’s first economist takes a fresh view on development
The Navajo Nation’s first economist takes a fresh view on development
Alisha Murphy discusses her vision of a robust tribal economy and the importance of community input.
Ashes and silver linings: Marshall Fire survivors reflect
Ashes and silver linings: Marshall Fire survivors reflect
Colorado’s most destructive fire leaves behind grief and slow recoveries.
Planning regulations bite a planning proponent
Former U.S. Senator Dan Evans, who once supported Washington state's Growth Management Act, now seeks to change the law after finding it will prevent him from building a house where he wants.
Sagebrush rebels in the apple orchards
Two Chelan County commissioners defy Washington state's Growth Management Act, claiming freedom from state and federal controls.
Imagine a West without heroes
The West should quit looking for heroes to rescue it - especially heroes like Major John Wesley Powell, who, the author believes, did the region more harm than good.
Mt. Graham telescope rides through Congress
President Clinton signs a bill approving the University of Arizona's construction of a third telescope on Mount Graham.
Letter to Edward Abbey from Earth: A Review
A letter to the late Ed Abbey ruefully notes how the writer's grim predictions about overpopulation and over-abuse of the canyon country are coming true.
Take a seat
University of Denver's Graduate School of Public Affairs will choose a professor to hold the Timothy E. Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy.
A very large subdivision riles a very small town
Irate locals in Big Horn, Wyo., fight the ambitious golf course and vacation home development plans of Homer Scott Jr.
Goodbye, Deadwood
A Deadwood citizen who originally pushed for legalized gambling reflects sadly on the way her town has changed.
Deadwood pays dearly for gambling riches
Legalized gambling in Deadwood, S.D., has brought prosperity but destroyed a community in the process.
The nuts and bolts of Western gambling
A survey of the West shows a variety of ways to gamble in every state but Utah.
Arid art
English watercolorist Tony Foster displays paintings of the desert West in Sun Valley, Idaho.
Just a little advice
County Commissioner John Clarke's primer, "The Code of the West," seeks to help newcomers adjust to rural Larimer County, Colo.
Score one for local control
In Colorado, a bill to gut state law 1041, which allows local communities to have strict land-use regulations, is pulled from consideration in the House.
Monoculture meets its match in North Dakota
John Gardner represents a new breed of agricultural "specialized generalists" who want to help Dakota farmers reclaim the food system.
'It's great to ask geeks for advice'
Montana State University's new manufacturing extension center helps entrepreneurs such as backpack designer Dana Gleason of Dana Design.
Montana's outback goes on-line
Montana State University turns to "electronic extension" to meet the information needs of the state's widely scattered population.
My God! Healthy trees!
Extension foresters in Idaho help the sisters of St. Gertrude's Monastery manage their forests in a way that balances economics with ecology and spirituality.
Taking a stand for New Mexico's small farmers
In his own words, extension agent Edmund Gomez describes how the Rural Agriculture Improvement Project seeks to help New Mexico's poor farmers.
Helping a busted mining town back to its feet
Extension agent Barb Andreozzi offers creative ideas and practical assistance to help Anaconda, Mont., prosper again.
Talking ranching through its bleakest hour
Hudson Glimp of the University of Nevada's College of Agriculture seeks to create "sustainable agreement" in public-lands grazing.
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