Five lessons from the government shutdown about national parks
Five lessons from the government shutdown about national parks
Our national parks still matter, even if they got trashed.
‘Why shouldn’t I try and save all you adults?’
‘Why shouldn’t I try and save all you adults?’
A portrait of Haven Coleman, a young climate activist.
An air crow; poop across the West; shutdown interlopers
An air crow; poop across the West; shutdown interlopers
Mishaps and mayhem from around the region.
Preble’s mouse protection jumps to Colorado
Proposal would strip rare rodent of protection in Wyoming
Love for the clay-loving buckwheat
In western Colorado, a coalition has rallied to buy habitat for one of the world’s rarest plants.
Heard Around the West
Montana Republican erupts on YouTube; Dogs at Work in Oregon; “Dynamite Shoot” uses real dynamite; wildlife thrives on military bases; “Liberal elk hunting season” in Wyoming; guns beat swords in Utah; taking the cab to Arizona
Of feral dogs, and feral Westerners
Westerners like to romanticize our wide-open spaces and wild wolves, but in rural areas, our real mascot is the ubiquitous feral dog
Heard around the West
Bears on the ski runs; free land in Alaska; DNA cousins; train versus buffalo in South Dakota; good news, bad news about the weather; digging out of the snow near Ouray.
Rural Education 2.0
Rural Education 2.0
Tiny Vilas, Colo., thought it was a great idea to open an online school and enroll at-risk students from far-away Denver – but neither the students nor the school district ended up scoring well at report card time
Harvesting the sky
Thirsty Santa Fe, N.M., considers an innovative law requiring all new buildings to install rainwater-harvesting systems.
Don’t send a check, send yourself
In an effort to “think globally and act locally,” the author volunteers his time for environmental causes, rather than just reaching for his checkbook.
Fill 'er up with moonshine
Chris Myles plans to fuel his vehicles with homebrewed ethanol, made in a still he built at his home in Silverton, Colo.
Man Camp
In Western Colorado, where the energy boom is stretching the resources – and social fabric – of local communities, some companies have turned to portable dormitories to ease the housing crunch.
Have knives and hooks, will travel
Taos County’s new Mobile Matanza is a rolling livestock butchering unit that travels to the region’s far-flung family ranchers
The wet Net
John Orr created his "Coyote Gulch" blog to follow Denver-area politics and Colorado water issues
From the ground up
The Crested Butte News, a successful independent newspaper in a small Rocky Mountain town, has come full circle and is once again owned by a chain
The memory of mountains
The author remembers a long-ago hike up Pikes Pike with her mother, who later died having no memory of that hike, or of her daughter.
The Fourth Wave
With uranium prices rising, speculators are looking anew at busted mining towns like Jeffrey City, Wyo., but locals have learned to be skeptical
Nine reasons why a river is good for the soul
A writer on a river trip through canyon country muses on things like sand, rapids, ruins and time, as well as the joy that comes from being outside in the company of family and friends
Safety first
Steve Ficklin is an oil and gas safety inspector for the Bureau of Land Management in western Colorado
There was no green in this Rainbow gathering
A rancher whose grazing permit in Colorado’s Routt National Forest was usurped by this year’s Rainbow Family gathering decries the environmental damage left in its wake
The wild, wild weather
Whatever the cause, the weather in the West this last year has been wild and wacky
The noisy democracy of the West
The revised edition of Peter Decker’s Old Fences, New Neighbors examines the changes that population growth has brought to remote Ouray County in western Colorado
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