A high-stakes water reckoning looms in the West
A high-stakes water reckoning looms in the West
Be it a wet or a dry year, the water rich in Colorado’s North Fork Valley take their share.
Trump’s methane rule rollback burns the natural gas bridge
Trump’s methane rule rollback burns the natural gas bridge
Without emissions regulations, the ‘clean’ fossil fuel is as dirty as coal.
Utilities should dump coal to lower power bills
Utilities should dump coal to lower power bills
Coal-fired plants are more expensive than renewable alternatives like wind power.
The hidden costs of our coal habit
In Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future, Jeff Goodell reveals how the sausage is made when it comes to the primary source of America’s electricity.
Spinning coal into gasoline
Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is eager to build a synfuels plant to turn coal into diesel, but it will neither easy nor cheap to make gas gasification a reality in the West
Worlds converge in energy's shadow
Photographer Jared Boyd spends a day with Navajo Alice Benally, who lives less than a mile from the Four Corners Power Plant but only received electricity last year
Magic Valley Uprising
An unusual grassroots coalition of citizen activists stops a coal-fired merchant power plant from being built in Idaho’s Magic Valley
The push is on for 'clean coal'
Led by California, Western states are encouraging the energy industry to move toward cleaner coal technology
Meet Idaho's Revolutionaries
In their own words, some of the Magic Valley citizens who fought the Sempra coal plant describe the uprising and how they got involved in it
Slaughter in Serene: The Columbia Coal Strike Reader
The new anthology, Slaughter in Serene, tells the tragic story of striking miners in the late 1920s at the Columbine coal mine in Colorado
The end of an era on the Colorado Plateau
The closing down of the Mohave Generating Station and the Black Mesa Mine are both a victory for environmentalists and Indian water activists, and an economic catastrophe for the Hopi and Navajo nations
Coal company takes refuge in a blind spot
Environmentalists on both sides of the border are up in arms over a Canadian coal company’s plans for an open-pit mine north of Montana’s Glacier National Park
Western utilities beware: Coal is a risky business
The writer says people are mobilizing to defeat a proposed 750-megawatt coal-fired power plant in Pueblo, Colorado
King coal is back
With a natural gas shortage looming, and the encouragement of the Bush White House, energy companies are looking to coal again, and coal-fired power plants are being planned in Sigurd, Utah, and across the West
Colorado's Coal Basin starts a new life
In western Colorado's Coal Basin, geologist Steve Renner works with alternative high school students in the area he has been working to restore as part of a Forest Service ecosystem-monitoring project.
Out of the darkness
When Paonia, Colo., resident Richard Rudin challenged a local mine's plans for expansion, the town was painfully divided, until the efforts of the North Fork Coal Working Group brought miners, environmentalists and agencies together for a solution.
Seattle passes on greenhouse gases
Seattle wants to meet future electricity needs without increasing greenhouse gases through coal and other fossil fuels.
The Winds of Change
Colorado citizens voted last November to increase their state’s reliance on power from the wind and sun, but King Coal still rules the state, and the White House seems determined to keep it on the throne
Is help from a federal agency a "charade'?
The Denver-based Citizens Coal Council charges the federal office of Surface Mining with being just a pawn of the mining industry.
Tour the underground
North Dakota's "Energy Trail" gives tourists a chance to visit coal mines and power plants.
Citizens tackle a mining company
Basin Resources, a coal-mining company, is ordered to pay $160,000 to a couple who claim the mine damaged their second home.
No profit in Kaiparowits Mine
A Grand Canyon Trust study claims that Andalex Resources' proposed Smoky Hollow Mine will be a money-loser.
Can land trades stop a subdivision and clean up a mine?
An ambitious land-swapping plan may help reclaim some of Mid-Continent Resources defunct mines while also protecting them from development.
Mega coal mine proposed again in Utah
Andalex Resources Inc. plans huge coal mine on the Kaiparowits Plateau.
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