Climate Change

With coal in free-fall, Wyoming faces an uncertain future
With coal in free-fall, Wyoming faces an uncertain future
As demand shrinks and the industry retracts, counties and the state are in an untenable situation.
The Colorado River needs a long-term plan for drought
The Colorado River needs a long-term plan for drought
Western states bought some time with a historic agreement but still face a hotter, drier future.
How to Indigenize the Green New Deal and environmental justice
How to Indigenize the Green New Deal and environmental justice
Native nations and activists must have a seat at the table.
When yesterday’s garbage becomes today’s collectibles
Alan Kesselheim visits Glass Beach in California, where garbage is being transmuted into collectibles.
Of global warming and White House elephants
The Bush administration needs to start dealing with global climate change, and California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger may help to point the way
Mowing down pollution
California tackles air pollution caused by gas-guzzling power lawn mowers
Wanted: Leak-proof dumps
Because arid Wyoming built landfills without liners, at least 21 of the state’s dumps are now leaking dangerous chemicals into groundwater
Global Warming's Unlikely Harbingers
Mountain pine beetles are attacking more forests and more varieties of trees — and thriving at higher elevations than ever before — and some scientists believe global climate change is at the root of the problem
Perspectives on change — climate change
Charles Wohlforth looks at climate change in Alaska from two cultures’ viewpoints, when he talks to scientists and to the Inupiaq people in The Whale and the Supercomputer: On The Northern Front of Climate Change
The salting of the West – who cares?
Stephen Voynick says tons of salt are dumped on Western highways and no one seems to care
A near-miss for California’s clean-air rules
California’s newest clean-air law, designed to deal with pollution from small engines, narrowly survives an attempt to shoot it down in the U.S. Congress
The biggest environmental issue is staring us in the face
Tom Bell says we’d better connect the dots that reveal global warming.
Leaving Las Vegas
Sarah Flick writes about a snowy spring in the Nevada desert and other wonders of aridity before leaving Las Vegas
West Coast states tackle global warming
Outgoing California Gov. Gray Davis is working with Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski and Washington Gov. Gary Locke on a regionwide plan for slowing greenhouse gas emissions
Who’s at the helm?
While Congress debates whether Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt should take over the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency itself plows ahead in an anti-environmental direction
The EPA needs an urban pit bull
Putting Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt in charge of the Environmental Protection Agency is like using a goldfish to guard a junkyard
Mr. Middle Ground gets called to Washington
Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt, R, is President Bush’s pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency, and some environmentalists fear he will prove little more than a yes-man
Of avalanche forecasting and snow haiku
A day spent on skis with avalanche forecaster Jerry Roberts is filled with stellar crystals, snow haiku and unexpected beauty
We need a shoe to drop on climate change
We need a shoe to drop on climate change
For wet or for dry
A one-time New Yorker wonders if he will still love his Western home, if the drought continues and the landscape he loves keeps changing before his eyes.
Hispanic community takes on polluters
The working-class community of Barrio Logan, on the edge of downtown San Diego, successfully tackles a chrome-plating business that produces dangerous chemicals
Like Butte, Montana, an old dog hangs on
A mysterious, mostly wild dog, fed by local miners, has somehow survived for 16 years in the desolate moonscape of a Superfund site -- the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Mont.
Administration, industry stamp out clean airregs
The auto industry, backed by the Bush administration, is trying to halt California’s progressive auto-emissions regulations.
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